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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CPC Delegates - Support P-308!

Well, I've gone through all the Policy and Constitutional resolutions, lots of reading! Will likely go over them again on the plane, since there won't be much to see flying at night.

Anyway, been talking to a few folks, and along with Resolution P-117 that I'm hoping all you delegates will support, I'm also encouraging everyone to support P-308... a policy proposing that workers be granted the right NOT to be forced to join a union.

You all know, I pretty much hate unions. I hold Buzz Hardgrove personally responsible for much of the strife we see in Ontario's auto sector. (had we had a leaner and lower cost workforce, we likely would have kept more auto jobs here in Ontario, even with our rising dollar)

Anyway, at a previous job, there was a threat that a union may get a court ruling in their favour, which would have automatically dragged us into the union of another company we'd merged with... even though the vast majority of us didn't want to join. I think that workers in such situations ought to be protected by law, and not forced to join an imposed union should they so choose. It's about a worker's rights... isn't that something a union should support?

I hope you'll support P-308 along with P-117. Talk to Derek, who's spearheading this Resolution if you have any questions!



  • At Wed. Nov. 12, 04:53:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I recommend you check in with the Chriastian Labour Association of Canada. They have done incredibly well with their harmonious approach to labour relations, and have fought for years for legal recognition. I'm sure that they can offer you good advice and valuable information.


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