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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brief post-Convention photo post

Have a few moments to share some photos from the Convention, so enjoy!

First off, a couple of bloggers met up over the course of the weekend...

Conservative bloggers PomoChristian, Atheist Conservative, and myself. Just for the record, Atheist Conservative and I happen to be on the same page on an awful lot of issues. Was cool meeting the both of you guys!

Dr. Roy with, amm, I forget her name, but she's another blogger.

Steve Taylor and Darryl Wolk.

A view of the Convention floor from the blogger's section. I wasn't up there, I was on the floor as a delegate, but I stopped by to say "Hi" to Steve Taylor, Dr. Dawg, and Danielle.

Of course, no Convention is complete without some evening get-togethers. The Prarie Caucus threw what had to be the biggest and best bash of the whole weekend, renting out an entire three story bar. It was a very cool setup. Lots of folks to talk to, so I ended up looking at my watch, and realized it was 2:30am... the time had just flown on by!

Lookie who I found! Not to many folks were talking to her (not surpisingly), so I at least figured I should say hello, and introduced myself. She graciously agreed to the photo, thanks Ms. Jennings! I think she's completely wrong on many, many issues and levels, and I think she was bold-faced lying at the press scrums she held at the Convention, but hey, she's just trying to put forward her vision of what she thinks would make this a better country. You have to at least show her some respect for that. (though I have one delegate from a neighbouring riding half jokingly chew me out for taking the photo with her...)

Then there's this other Liberal who showed up... Danielle Takacs, who galloped off with us Tories to Winnipeg for the weekend. Hey, I'm a nice guy, why wouldn't I stop over and say hello to a fellow blogger? That's my voting card she's holding, showing the red side... the "NO" vote. Thought it would be a somewhat appropriate photo... perhaps casting a "NO" vote for the entire Convention? After reading her posts though I did think to myself, "Did we attend the same Convention?" Had a good chance to talk to Dr. Dawg too, nice guy. Was able to help him with one computer problem, not the other one though... sorry dude!

Of course, the protesters showed up... at least a few of them.

No way was I going to miss snapping this classic stereotypical photo... a lefty protester driving a beat up Volvo wagon!

You gotta love the hypocrisy of the left... attacking Harper for holding the very same position as their little darling, President-elect Obama. Try this one on for size guys...

When I see you guys carrying these signs at protests, I'll stop calling you hypocrits.

And I'd like to dedicate this final photo to my regular reader, MW... take that, sucka. ;-)

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