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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Name the YouTube Contest

Seems my YouTube Election Video archive is generating some traffic, so why not turn this into something bigger!

I'm going to open it up to everyone (Liberals included, I guess...) for submissions to the video archive... what election video's have you seen that you thought were funny? Had an impact? Were informative? Changed your opinion on a leader, party, or issue? I'll do my best to keep this fairly non-partisan... let the submissions begin! Feel free to leave them anonymously in the comments.

For example, here's the now "infamous" clip of John Tory regarding "Creationism", courtesy of Warren's "ToryTube"... interestingly enough, now having seen the clip, it doesn't look anywhere near as damaging as people were making it out to be... just listen to his empasis in his opening statement...

"The Christian based school would HAVE [emphasis HIS] to teach the Ontario curriculum, which of course, has a different explaination..." (for origins, namely evolution)

Ammm, so can someone explain to me what the big deal is here? He clearly states right off the bat that evolution is the standard, but that schools have the freedom to inform students of what their faith teaches... whether it agrees with evolution or not. In a word... SO?

Yikes... if this is what everyone has gotten all worked up about, then the people of this province are far more intolerant than even I ever imagined! (of course, that's why this is why this whole thing has basically been a tempest in a teapot... Ontarian's are NOT as intolerant of religion as most Liberals seem to be)

I'm also looking for ideas on what to call this thing... the "Ontario Election YouTube Archive 2007" doesn't exactly have a nice ring to it... any thoughts?


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  • At Tue Sep 11, 05:07:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    no big deal here at all. Maybe that's because kids who attend our highschool got the creationism AND evolution lesson IN GRADE 12 BIOLOGY.
    Nothing said, no Kathleen Wynne saying it's not allowed.

    Most of us know that classroom teachers can if they wish present both sides of a debate very well so that the kids can make up their own minds.....despite what's in the curriculum.

    What next curriculum police?

  • At Tue Sep 11, 06:33:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think you need to grow up.

  • At Tue Sep 11, 06:53:00 PM EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Wow... umm, that's profound. Thanks for the contribution... I think...

  • At Tue Sep 11, 10:03:00 PM EDT, Blogger zolton said…

    Whats was the real pronunciation of jesus's name anyways? Jesus sounds too anglo saxxon.

  • At Wed Sep 12, 08:16:00 AM EDT, Blogger Meghan said…

    Yeshua is the Hebrew for Jesus. Many names have different pronunciations depending on the language they're spoken in. What is your point?

  • At Wed Sep 12, 12:43:00 PM EDT, Blogger Brian in Calgary said…

    I don't think zolton has a point since there is nothing in the main post that he can legitimately quarrel with.


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