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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Garth Supported Cuts to Court Challenges Program

Humm... as his new party officially opposes his previous stand that the cutting of funding to the Court Challenges Program was a good thing, do you think Garth will proclaim a sudden change of heart from this statement?

"So, the irony this afternoon was palpable. Here we were listening to witnesses with their hands out, at the exact moment the Finance Minister and the Treasury Board boss were announcing a billion dollars in program spending cuts, wiping out money for everything from the court challenges program, to business subsidies, to money for women’s programs. Of course, it was the right thing for the government to. And so was dumping the current $13 billion surplus against the national debt. This is exactly what a majority of middle class Canadians and working families want. It’s what Tories are good at. We’re parsimonious sons of bitches, often called upon to save the country’s finances after long bouts of orgiastic Liberal spending."

Great stuff from the folks at CPC HQ... and I'm right in the middle of Warren's chapter on "Opposition Research".

Man, this whole "digital democracy" thing makes this stuff easy... like shooting fish in a barrel...

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