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Thursday, May 10, 2007

PM of Legoland

LOL! Is your child looking for the perfect leader for his Legoland country? Then drop on over to e-Bay, and you too can have your very own Lego Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

WARNING TO INTERESTED LIBERAL OF LEFTIST BUYERS: Sorry, this Legoland version of the greatest Prime Minister this nation has had in 40 years is not a voo-doo doll. Subjecting this Legoland version to flames, crushing him under your car, or drowning him in a body of water will not cause the real Prime Minister Stephen Harper to disappear. No, I'm very happy to say that the real thing is here to stay... for a LONG, LONG time... thank goodness



  • At Thu. May 10, 05:03:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Greatest Prime Minister in 40 years".

    Wow. Apparently you are about 2 Years old. This guy is an embarrassment whose profound lack of knowledge and understanding of the world becomes more manifest with each passing day.

    I really don't think being a career backroom political hack with no real world experience is the best preparation for being Prime Minister.

    This Rat Pack PM, who turns all issues into dirty cheap partisan issues, has not once shown an ability to rise above.

    Even though I am embarrassed by him and clearly do not support him, I do hope that - just once or twice - he is able to do this in order that we start our cslow crawl back to respectability.

  • At Thu. May 10, 05:51:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thats awesome, "best prime minister in 40 years"

    Best Dictator ever. (in canada)

  • At Fri. May 11, 07:22:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous ryan;-P said…

    He's no Paul Martin that's for sure....

  • At Fri. May 11, 05:29:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger John said…

    Hair is the wrong colour, skin is the wrong colour, suit looks about right.

    Anon @05:03:

    Interesting you should use the term "Rat Pack". That term was used by members of the Liberal Party would make unsubstantiated accusations and launch partisan attacks against PM Mulroney. The Liberal rat Pack took pride in misleading the Canadian public and would brag about it to different reporters and staffers unlike our current PM who can at least back his statements up with facts.

    BTW, The original Rat Pack was a group of entertainers. Glad you find Harper handing the Liberals their collective asses as entertaining as the rest of us do.


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