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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

Well, horray for that... the "scary-right winger" Sarkozy won the French Presidency today.

To be honest, I know nothing about his policies or whatnot... I'm just glad he won. I'm glad that he won despite the relentless and vicious (and likely unfounded) attacks from the fearmongers on the left. And glad to see that once again, Europeans are continuing to express their lack of confidence in the proponents of the socialist systems that have controlled "the West" for the last 100 years.

However, it seems Canadians still want to continue to cling to the dead dream of a socialist state. Sigh. Trudeau is dead folks... get over it. And Dion is no Chavez... at least I don't think he is... well, let's at least I hope he's not.

As for the polling numbers, I agree with some other bloggers... we've tried to appeal too much to the mushy middle, and have gotten ourselves bogged down as a result. If we continue at this rate, we'll go from being the best option for Canada, to being the "least-bad" option for Canada. Honestly, if we keep on going the way we are, there's a real possibility of alienating some of our base... and sowing the same seeds that split the right last time. Let's not go there again, eh? (I didn't bother joining either Party until late 2003 because of the split)

Let's just stick to what we know, and do it well. The Canadian people will always follow real leadership when they see it, even if they don't fully agree with every single point. Set an agenda, get it rolling, stick to it, and then reap the rewards. If we try to govern any other way, we're done for.

Let's sell our Climate Change plan the way it is, and not try to sugar-coat it for people who 1) aren't going to believe us, and 2) won't vote for us anyway.

Let's govern as the fiscal Conservatives we are, shall we? Why haven't I been hearing much about the new Child Tax Credits? Working families look to save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year... why aren't we touting that loudly?

We're letting the Opposition set the agenda... we need to take it back! We need to keep on pointing out areas of reform that need to be implemented. Reforming government is one of our strengths... let's stick to it.

Enough for now. Maybe more later.

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