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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Caledonia Residents Fed Up

Some residents of Caledonia held their own protest of disruption today... slowing Toronto's QEW and Gardiner Expressways as their 85 vehicle convoy made it's way to Queen's Park.

They state that they are tired of the ongoing occupation, and want to see the Ontario Government speed up negotiations to end the dispute. They have also stated that they think Mr. McGunity is trying to dodge the bullet on this file, and want to ensure that they don't try to bury it with an impending provinical election this Fall.
The group, which is rallying on the front lawn [of Queen's Park], is urging the Ontario government to speed up negotiations until the year-long dispute is resolved.

Dan Roberts, who lives near the former housing development site being occupied by Six Nations protestors, says all sides should be in negotiation full time, not meeting once every two weeks as they are now.

"We get the feeling (politicians are) just not interested in discussing it and would like to bury it," he said Tuesday.

"With an election coming up, they don't want the Caledonia albatross hanging around their neck."

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