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Friday, April 27, 2007

McGuinty to Critics: "Flick Off"

Premier Dalton McGuinty hit back today at critics of the new "Flick Off" campaign, telling them, in effect, to "Flick Off" themselves. He said that people should be more offended by the effects of climate change, instead of their campaign slogan.

That was a Kinsella advised response, no doubt about it... I just finished his chapter entitled "Stand by Your Ad... or, if you're going to do the time, you may as well commit the crime"... classic Kinsella.

Not a bad response, to be honest. I don't like the ads myself (don't act so surprised) but I can see why they might think it would be effective. Warren likely reminded them of the lessons learned, the hard way, by former Prime Minister Kim Campbell... once the ad is out there, stand by it. Otherwise, you look even worse.

I still think the Opposition should try and make it stick. Many have said it's just promoting the senseless vulgarity flooding our airwaves, and if it's opposed right, it will hurt the Liberals at the polls.

Keep on hitting... it's not been a good week for the Ontario Liberals. Don't let them forget it.

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