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Thursday, April 26, 2007

What? McGuinty Cover-Up you say?

Mr. Dalton McGuinty, why won't your Party let the Ontario Auditor General look into $20 million worth of grants that were handed out to various multicultural organizations, when several of those organizations are run by well connected Ontario Liberal Party members?
TORONTO — The Liberals have used their majority to stop the auditor general from investigating how grants were doled out by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and are instead asking the beneficiaries to account for their spending.
Warren, (who's one of my most recently added friends in Facebook, by the way...) what's that you're always saying? Right... "It's never the break-in, it's always the cover up". I'm thinking they didn't take your advice, right?

Me-thinks Warren is going to have a busy weekend.

(and yes Warren, I'm still a big fan... when's the book launch again?)

h/t to Siscoe

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