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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hamas... "Oops sorry guys"

Can you be considered a martyr when you get killed by your own people? From CNN:
Oops #1 - "Hamas gunmen fatally shot six bodyguards from the rival Fatah movement and mistakenly ambushed a jeep carrying their own fighters, killing five."

Oops #2 - "At midday Wednesday, policemen from the Fatah-allied Preventive Security organization arrested five Hamas men and were driving them through Gaza City when the vehicle was ambushed by Hamas fighters, Preventive Security officials told The Associated Press. Five of the Hamas men were killed, along with two Fatah men, they said."
That brings the Hamas total in the last 24 hours to 10 Hamas fighters. Oops.

However, further on in the CNN story, is a report of other Hamas actions in recent days that cause me to dislike Hamas even more, and hope that the West refuses to EVER deal with them:
"In Gaza City, Hamas gunmen set fire to an 11-story apartment building housing Fatah lawmaker Nema Sheik Ali, the wife of the head of Preventive Security. Witnesses said the gunmen broke into her fifth floor apartment and beat up her and two of her children before torching the building. The militants prevented people from evacuating the building as women and children screamed, pleading to be let out."
That's right... burning their own women and children alive. Brought to you by Hamas... terrorists to the core, who should never be negotiated with.

Let's hope this steels the resolve of the West to stand firm agains Hamas.



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