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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tonight's Sens Game

A die hard Habs fan and fellow CPCer sent me an MSN today while I was razzing him about the swishing broom noises I was hearing... he replies with, "i'd rather join the liberals or slit my wrists than cheer for the sens" LOL!

Now, there are a couple of differing allusions you can take from this very profound statement... first of all, you can see how absolutely idiotic Habs fans really are... you'd prefer to join the Liberals over cheering for the Sens?

Secondly, you can see how repulsive the idea of joining the Liberal Party of Canada is... "Hummm, let's see, do I slit my wrists, or do I join the Liberals?"

Personally, I'd say "same diff"!

Anyway... GO SENS GO!

(full disclosure: my wife's family has this Leafs vs. Habs rivalry going... so I'm firmly on the "Anyone but the Habs" side... unless, of course, they're the last Canadian team standing)



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