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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CPC Energy: Sweet intro page

Just decided to check and see if they've done anything new with the CPC Energy website... someone has put together a HILARIOUS Flash intro page that is SO TRUE!

Yep... if you really want to be a rebel in today's universities, your only real option is to do the radical thing... JOIN THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY!!!

I was surprised when I went to Carleton's Model Parliament. I figured it would be a 60%-70% vs. 40%-30% ratio of Liberal/NDP/Green to Conservative. I actually found that it was a solid 60% Conservative base. I've been hearing that Conservative clubs are seeing a resurgence these days, and that bodes well for the country. In fact, I've heard that one of the local universities is getting a student who is transferring from out east, and apparently this student is HIGHLY involved out there... will be a great addition to our local team too.

So, all you young people out there... break free from the group-think... question authority... JOIN THE CONSERVATIVES!



  • At Wed. May 16, 10:51:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Bob in Ottawa said…

    I've long thought that the weakest link in the Conservative line-up is the 'communications function' (sorry but I'm a public servant from Ottawa, that's how we talk, and--yes--you'd be surprised at how many of us actually like the Tories!) but with nippy stuff like this there may yet be hope . . .

  • At Thu. May 17, 07:04:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Road Hammer said…

    Good to hear. As a former president of the Carleton University Reform Association, it heartens me to see that things are going strong on the right at my alma mater.


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