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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Year of Stats

Well, yesterday was the one year mark from when I started taking stats on this Wii little blog... and I'll be the first to admit my surprise at how much traffic this little blog has generated.

I hit the 58,000 mark yesterday. Over the last year, I've aquired loads of regular readers, and over 3700 comments... and that's not including my replies, which total over 500.

Much of it has been fun, and it's surprising how much people actually read and respond to what I have to say. Often it's frustrating when people don't understand what I'm trying to say, but that's just like real life. I've been glad that some middle ground has been found on some issues, and I hope that there's lots more room for reasoned discussion and learning amongst all... epecially me.

I also hope to be a more clear and thoughtful in how I discuss the Christian perspective on political issues. It's more important to me that I clearly represent Christ's views, and hopefully bring people to see things the way Christ does, rather than converting people to view things how Mr. Harper does. My blog name has things in the correct order... Christ first, the CPC second. Now if I can just get my life to work in the same order...

Thanks once again to everyone who have made this blog what it is!

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