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Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

This day, oh so many years ago, the Most High God Incarnate, the Lord Jesus Christ, took upon Himself the sin of the world... my sin, your sin, and paid the price for it on the cross of Calvary.

He died that you might live... if you choose to put your eternal trust in His finished work of salvation.



  • At Fri. Apr. 06, 12:06:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Jim said…

    You make it sound like he committed suicide. Is that really what you mean?

  • At Fri. Apr. 06, 01:13:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous afreind said…

    Liberal’s soil the Canadian Flag?
    (Please bloggers, verify this information, my source tells me it is true, but some times facts can get blurred, a scandal that touches the Canadian flag could attract a lot of attention, and infuriate Canadians, it is important that this be corroborated)
    Did not know where to send this so I sent it to you, I liked your work on Kovach

    The Heritage Ministry under the liberal leadership initiated a plan to give a way a million flags in 1996. The government under request for proposal requested companies to tender on manufacturing these flags. The contract was awarded to an Ontario company, upon being awarded contract they company was instructed by the federal government purchasing agent to deliver and bill flags to an advertising company owned by Jean Lafleur. Lafleur’s company allegedly marked up the bills by 17%? and billed the Federal government. There was little or no service provided by Lafleur’s company.
    The company through the tender process dealt exclusively with the federal government. Only after being awarded the contract were they advised that they should deal with Lafleur’s company. If anyone is going to research this, please post here to let me know.

    A friend

  • At Fri. Apr. 06, 02:56:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger vicki said…

    No jim..He did not commit suicide.
    There was and is a plan and purpose, and He rose again.But don't take Andrew's or my word for it. If you are curious read the whole story in Scripture.

  • At Fri. Apr. 06, 03:16:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And all you hypocrites out there don't "live" and "believe" his teachings. You spew predjudice and hatred.

    You love your neighbour until he/she thinks, looks and lives life not to your liking and then are ready to point a knife at anyone's throat that is different in any way.

    Hypocrites all of you! Christ would be absolutely disgusted.

  • At Fri. Apr. 06, 03:36:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous joe said…

    Annon 3:16

    Forgive us everyone for all have sinned and come short of the Glory. We all shoot at our own demons when we accuse and accost each other and there is only one Way out of this terrible situation. Calling each other hypocrites is not the Way. Jesus Death and Resurrection imparted to us the Grace that we all need to dwell in that we can in fact live the lives that God intended us to live in the beginning. God's peace to you.

  • At Fri. Apr. 06, 09:45:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger vicki said…

    BTW jim, I meant that with gentle honesty because I have heard that same question from others. The crucifiction is a difficult topic.
    anon @3:16..please be gentler, and leave the judging to God.If you are a believer, that is not what you are called to do.
    Thanks CC for using the freedom that we have in Canada to discuss the the Cross of Christ. Hoping your readers will have time to consider the Cross and Resurrection and the love of God this w/e.

  • At Sun. Apr. 08, 02:26:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Robert said…

    Do you find it hard to be a Christian in this new Convervative party sometimes. I find some of the reactions to Christian thought to be downright degrading at times. Example:
    Seems we were better represented by the Reform/Alliance.

  • At Mon. Apr. 09, 01:03:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger vicki said…

    Good question.I haven't seen that discussion, but I did see plenty of reference to Christ and the Resurection this w/e on various Blogging Tories sites.
    This is a political forum,so I don't expect all 'conservatives' to have a faith in God...that's not what 'connects' us. I was very keen about the Reform Party and I have to admit some disspointment in the direction that CPC has taken with lack of policy on moral issues.
    It isn't any more difficult than living day to day in the secular world.
    The Church cannot rely on politicians to do what we have been called to do.
    CC might have something to add to this.

  • At Mon. Apr. 09, 10:18:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Wrote a big long reply, the my IE wiped it out... GRRR! (not a good start to my morning)

    The jist was this... the CPC isn't influenced by Christians nearly as much as the Reform Party was... sadly.

    The CPC's strength is that they DON'T seek to issue legislation on issues related to morality. They take a more libertarian approach when it comes to issues of faith and concience, and seek to just let people live their lives in peace.

    What the left hasn't clued into is that the CPC is the only truly Centrist option... but the other guys still play the fear card, because that gets them more votes than their actual policies ever could. The CPC is the only party that is willing to genuinely look at the issues, and seek a middle of the road solution. The left uses a "it's my way or the highway, I know better than you, so just shut your trap" approach to policy.

  • At Wed. Apr. 11, 10:59:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just what I thought - everything but what "you" choose to believe is criticized.

    Hypocrites all of you.

    God decides - NOT you.

    You know that Christ believed in the separation of church and state, didn't believe in organized religion and making money at religion. It's in the Bible kids - Christ said we should pray alone.

    It's in the Bible:

    Church and State: Matthew 22:39.
    Corporate Greed and Religious Wealth: John 2:14 &15, Luke 12:15, Matthew 19:23.

    You can't serve both God and Money (Matthew 6:24).

    Now - Dobson, Falwell, Robertson and McVety are going against Christs' wishes.

    Public Prayer & Displays of Faith - Matthew 6.6 - ".....pray to the Father which is in secret".

    So cut out the crap here - you hate anything other than what you believe. This is a democracy - we have several political parties and people with a right to different views. To hate someone for that is a sin. Harper hates Liberals - hate is a sin. Harper is the one with the "my way or the highway" attitude - this attitude is crashing in the U.S.



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