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Thursday, April 05, 2007

More on Kovach FCM Ouster Scandal

Yes, it might just be a scandal now... especially if it turns out that Mr. Dion did have anything to do with it. I just got some info from a source... then did some digging on my lunch, and looky what I found...

Gloria Kovach was unserimoniously dismissed from her post as President of the Federation of Canadian Municipaities two weeks ago, supposedly because of her political ties... she had run, unsuccesfully, for the Federal Conservatives in her hometown of Guelph, losing that nomination contest night before she was ousted from the FCM.

Some people, such as this Liblogger here, were rasing a stink that she had sought the nomination while still serving as President of the FCM. Sir, before you point fingers, make sure there aren't any point back at your own Party.

It seems that the Liberal Party of Canada has a history of someone doing the EXACT SAME THING, currently sitting within their midst, no less. Current Liberal MP Bryon Wilfert, presently MP for the Richmond Hill riding, seems to have done the EXACT SAME THING, back in 1997. (I wonder if I should contact his riding president and ask him about it?
(UPDATE: How's that for irony? Jason just today on his blog reiterated his link to The Hon. Bryon Wilfert)

Mr. Wilfert was named President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalites at their metting in Calgary in 1996. (cannot find exact date) There are various press relases and online referenece to his Presidency all over the place. There's also this one that caught my attention... an Ottawa City Council meeting that took place on April 23, 1997... and I quote...


1. Bryan Wilfert, President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) urging Council to adopt a resolution that calls for deposit/return regulations on all beverage containers sold in the Province, for packaging stewardship programs. FCM has actively encouraged industry to voluntarily achieve waste diversion targets for packaging and feel that if targets are not met legislation will be required."

Please note the present tense of this reference... as of April 23, 1997, Mr. Wilfert is still the President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Now, I ask you... when was the writ for the 1997 Federal Election dropped?

From Elections Canada
"The writs for the 36th general election were issued April 27, 1997"

That would be a mere FOUR DAYS LATER.

Now, I ask you, how long does it take to run a nomination contest? Typically, they last anywhere from two to three weeks. You would think, naturally, that because the Liberals were in power in Ottawa at the time, that they would have had all of their candidates in place BEFORE going to the Governor General to seek dissolution... right?

And who was their candidate for the Richmond Hill riding in 1997? That would be The Hon. Mr. Bryan Wilfert.

So, does that mean that he was still President of the FCM while he sought and won the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada? In fact, was he STILL the President when the writ was dropped... meaning that he may have campaigned for the Federal Liberal Party as the current and sitting President of the FCM? And if any or all of this is so... was he tossed from the Presidency for it? No... indeed, he was not.

So then, I ask you, my dear Libloggers... why did you call for Ms. Kovach's head, seeing as your party has done the exact same thing in the past?

Because it's simple, as I've contended all along... according to the FCM, Conservative = BAD, Liberal = GOOD.

The FCM and the Libloggers have just lost themselves a whole lot of credibility.

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  • At Thu. Apr. 05, 02:36:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Guelph First said…

    "... the Libloggers have just lost themselves a whole lot of credibility."

    Man i wanna say something here so badly.....

  • At Thu. Apr. 05, 03:15:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Brian in Calgary said…

    The FCM and the Libloggers have just lost themselves a whole lot of credibility.

    Some Libloggers didn't have too much to lose.

  • At Thu. Apr. 05, 04:06:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This whole sordid tale proves one thing: socialists/leftists/liberals/communists, believe they own municipalities in this country and it is time for conservatives to take them back! (real conservative)

  • At Thu. Apr. 05, 04:17:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lieberals have no shame. When I asked one lieberal why he would vote Liberal after learning about Adscam, he replied "at least we're honest crooks!"

  • At Thu. Apr. 05, 09:37:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger PGP said…

    I'm corresponding with acting president Gord Steeves about this.
    He's my councilor here in the pppeg!

    The funny thing is that 100% of the FCM board members which is 75 persons voted to get rid of her!

    Need more background on the CFM charter and rules!

    This really smells like last weeks kippers!


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