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Friday, September 05, 2008

Guelph Liberal Frank says, "Let's unite the left!"

In what was most likely the biggest bombshell of the Guelph by-election, Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote came out and openly advocated for a unification of the political left in Canada.

Frank Valeriote, when asked what he would do if the Liberal Party ceased to exist (which it may well do, with their current financial situation), used his answer to openly advocate for a unification of the political left in Canada... one of the first Liberals to openly take such a position. His shocking statement was quoted in today's Guelph Mercury as having said, "I would work at building bridges with the Greens and the NDP. The right did it; I'm not sure why we can't do it."

But as they say these days... if it didn't happen on YouTube, it didn't happen. Therefore... enjoy!

With other NDP notables like former Ontario NDP Premier Bob Rae (who is also a former NDP MP, I might add... it just took him a very long time to finally cross the floor), and former BC NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh now gracing the ranks of the Liberal Party of Canada, one has to wonder about the decidedly leftward shift that the Liberal Party is currently taking. Once the bastion of the "centrist" vote in Canada, the apparent rise of socialist thought within the Liberal Party ought to give the Canadian voter a reason to think twice before voting Liberal.

It also raises a fundamental question of policital realignment in this country... if Mr. Valeriote thinks that the NDP, the Greens and his own party are so close in thought, then why do we still need the Liberal Party of Canada at all, after the years of scandal and broken promises they've subjected the Canadian people to?

Then of course there's the alliance between the Greens and the Liberals in Central Nova, along with the jumping of former Liberal MP Blair Wilson to the Greens... all of which are further signs of the deepening irrelevance of the party once known as "Canada's Natural Governing Party".

Uniting the left... getting rid of the Liberal Party of Canada... sounds like a great idea Frank!

NOTE: I extend my sincere thanks the Liberal blogger Jeff Davidson, who decided to "out" me the other week... but it seems that he's inadvertantly given me a whole new freedom, more of which you'll be hearing about in the coming week. Stay tuned! And thanks Jeff! ;-)

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  • At Fri. Sep. 05, 09:29:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger wilson said…

    The left won't unite for a few years yet, as Liberals think all of their problems are due to a weak leader.
    Picking a weak leader was just a symptom, the disease is the LPC.

    Dipper's fortunes are looking up, no way they will be absorbed into the LPC.

  • At Fri. Sep. 05, 09:49:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous jckirlan said…

    Ok I missed it, how did the weasel known as Jeff Davidson(aka bigcitylib) out you. Can you give us the link so we can keep up with the goings on. We(I) all like good gossip.

  • At Sat. Sep. 06, 06:27:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought that this guy was smarter than that.

  • At Sat. Sep. 06, 08:40:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous jckirlan said…

    I cannot see the collapse of the LPC as much as I want it to implode.

  • At Sat. Sep. 06, 10:22:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    FYI J Davidson is not bigcityLib, but he is just as demented.


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