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Monday, September 01, 2008

Frank's Nomination Expenses - CORRECTION

Did some followup today, and it looks like my entire previous post was right off in left field... I don't know where "Right from Alberta" got the screenshot I re-posted from his blog yesterday, but either there was a major glitch on the Elections Canada database when he searched it, or he was simply on the wrong screen, because I came up with a totally different set of numbers for Frank's nomination expenses than Right from Alberta did... numbers that list all his contributions and expenses, in full compliance with the Elections Act.

Here's my new screenshot:

As such, my entire previous post goes right out the window. Looks like I got bitten again... seems to happen every time I don't dig deeper and do my own research.

Frank's expenses seem to be perfectly in order. As such, I withdraw my previous set of questions.

(guess it's a good thing my post didn't get fed into the aggregators properly)


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