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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey Frank... "It's the economy, stu..."

I don't like name calling, but in issuing a press release the other day, Guelph Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote reminded me of the unofficial campaign slogan from Bill Clinton's bid for the White House in 1992... "It's the economy, stupid".

Guelph Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote issued it's only second public Press Release yesterday, complaining about a Press Release hosted on Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach's website. In it, he accuses Ms. Kovach of, "misleading Canadians about the Green Shift".

In reality, the Press Release in question (which is actually from the National Party, it should be noted) simply points out a number of concerned quotes from other Liberal candidates across the country about Mr. Dion's "Green Shift"(TM) Carbon Tax. (Interestingly enough, each of these quotes was proven correct yesterday, as Mr. Dion announced what is likely to be the first of many "changes", or "corrections", to the "Green Shift"(TM) Carbon Tax plan

Here's the Liberal quotes from the Press Release:
Bob Rae said “What we need to look at is, are there ways the plan can be changed and improved. Nothing is written in stone in terms of the details.” (St. John’s Telegram, August 12, 2008)

David McGuinty confessed the Dion Carbon Tax is “a work in progress.” (National Post, July 5, 2008)

Dominic LeBlanc acknowledged the Dion Carbon Tax needed to be “enhanced.” (Dominic Leblanc, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, August 7, 2008)

Robert Thibault admitted the Dion Carbon Tax is “a statement of principle, not a recipe.” (Toronto Star, August 29, 2008)

Wayne Easter demanded that “changes have to be made” to the Dion Carbon Tax (Toronto Star, August 29, 2008) and that Liberals themselves “know there are problems with this.” (Western Producer, August 7, 2008)
Interesting... Frank says that quoting Liberals is "misleading". Well, at least it's nice to know that he's seen the light on that point.

As has been reported by many media outlets, and many times here on this blog, we all know that Dion's "Green Shift"(TM) Carbon Tax will cause the cost of everything to go up... an undeniable fact that Frank has yet to challenge. It will also cause the costs of providing services to go up, as higher Carbon Tax costs get passed on to insitutions like schools, hospitals, and other Government agencies. (No word from Queen's Park on how they intend to fund these additional cost increases) And we all know the cost of everyday items like groceries will be going up, as the costs to transport goods goes up with the new Carbon Tax on diesel.

But what's remarkable about Frank's press release is the fact that he seems to be completely unaware of the significant economic impact that his leader's Carbon Tax is going to have on the Canadian economy... negative impact, that is. The real irony is though, that he attempts to slam Ms. Kovach and Mr. Harper for our current economic woes (which are not just in Canada, but worldwide... any explaination for that Mr. Valeriote? Are Ms. Kovach and Mr. Harper to blame for that too?), meanwhile ignoring the devistating impact of his own party's Carbon Tax scheme.

To resurect that line from the Democrats in 1992... Frank, "It's the economy, stupid". Your "Green Shift"(TM) Carbon Tax is an economic plan. And it's a bad one. It's one that's going to increase everyday costs, and it's going to cost cities like Guelph JOBS.

Ms. Kovach isn't "misleading Canadians about the Green Shift"... she's sounding the alarm on your dangerous economic plan.

Because don't forget...

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