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Friday, November 16, 2007

Is it really about the children?

All these demands from the left about "Childcare"... do they really care about the kids?

This press release from CUPE today reminded me, once again, of what I think this is really about... it's not about providing childcare, it's about unionized government jobs.

They've been saying all along that we need more childcare spaces. Now, a private multinational company has shown interest in the childcare industry in Canada... and the left is demanding that the Government step in and stop them.

They do make some arguments that they're just trying to ensure that the for-profit companies don't come in, take over, and then jack up the rates... but I don't buy it, personally. I think this press release has just done more to confirm my earlier suspicions more than anything else.



  • At Fri Nov 16, 06:37:00 p.m. EST, Blogger been around the block said…

    Believe me: When we're talking childcare and education it's never about the kids.

    I stayed home, at great financial sacrifice, to care for my husband's and my own children (and, I might add, most of the neighbourhood kids whose two parents or single moms were not home because they were out making salaries), and it never ceased to amaze me how unchild-centred both "daycare" and "education" were.

    All of the concerns I heard in these jurisdictions were about salaries and benefits for childcare workers and teachers and administrators. Because I was home and had time to examine the actual issues, I became aware, very quickly, just what the game was really about.

    That's why daycare workers and teachers don't generally like those of us who stay home with our kids. They know that we're onto their anti-kid/pro-State/worker schtick and they'd rather we keep quiet about it.

    Look. The State does a lousy job of taking care of, let alone being concerned about, OUR kids. Families do a far better job, but the childcare bureaucracies would rather this quaint and novel idea not get around--and they've enlisted our government bureaucracies and the MSM to push their agenda.

    Parents need not lift their voices in protest. If we do, we're just "right wing," "redneck," "know-nothings." It's them--"the experts"--who really know what's what.

  • At Fri Nov 16, 07:23:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So some evil corporation is going to come in undercut everyone and then jack up the price. Are they kidding? This is the childcare business other than government mandate there are no barriers to entry. If they jack up the price competitors would start up again very quickly. If you really want high prices and shortages let the government regulate this.


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