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Friday, November 16, 2007

FCM Statement on Ouster of President

Well, this might make things interesting. (also posted on the paper's blog here)

The Federation of Canadian Municipalties has released a statement regarding the sudden firing in March of their President, Gloria Kovach... and it has to be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. It basicly says her removal had nothing to do with her or her performance. Huh?

When Ms. Kovach was removed from the Presidency of the FCM, it was suggested that there was something fishy about her ouster... even suggesting that there may have been political interference that lead to her removal.

Could this be a "sanitized" admission to that fact?

Ottawa, November 12, 2007 - In March of 2007, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ National Board of Directors appointed Winnipeg Councillor Gord Steeves as Acting President, replacing Councillor Gloria Kovach of Guelph, Ontario. The Board reached this decision for reasons totally unrelated to either Gloria Kovach’s conduct or performance as President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities or as Chair of its National Board of Directors. The Federation acknowledges that Gloria Kovach carried out her duties in a responsible manner consistent with her commitment to municipal government.

Councillor Gloria Kovach became President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in the month of December, 2005, and was then acclaimed as President at the Federation’s 69th Annual Conference.

She began her term with a call to all federal party leaders to support a long term commitment and plan to erase Canada’s municipal infrastructure deficit. For the next sixteen months, Councillor Kovach served as Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ chief spokesperson, meeting news media, federal and provincial ministers and attending dozens of events, both in Canada and around the world as the organization’s chief representative.

Councillor Kovach served on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Board for some 12 years. Her keen interest in international development was reflected in her work with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ International Centre for Municipal Development. She spent time in Jinja, Uganda, working on a program to encourage community development. She also developed an exchange program between Guelph and cities in the Czech Republic and has worked on an international program in El Salvador.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities wishes to thank Councillor Kovach for her leadership during the 16 months she served as FCM President and Chair of the National Board of Directors.
The Editors on the Guelph Mercury blog give the impression that they're curious as to what went on here... "Now this, out of the blue, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, has released an enigmatic statement on why Kovach was dumped as its president in March. In short it says, she was replaced after she did a brilliant job from her first days in the post. No, um, reason for the sacking was offered. What to make of this."

Here's the big question... as was suggested to Ms. Kovach by FCM staff from the get-go, did Mr. Dion have anything to do with this? Is this press release an admission by the FCM that they aren't really the non-partisan group they claim to be?

Small Dead Animals had a brief blerb on this back in March, and I posted a few thoughts on it too, but the story never had any traction.

Today, it might have just grown some legs, got up, and walked all over the OLO...

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