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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Okay, the bubble's gotta burst sometime... we hit $1.09US in after-hours trading.

I was saying a couple days ago that I thought it would hit $1.10US by then end of the year... at this rate, it's gonna hit that mark by the end of the week!

And for the record, before people make the kind of comments they made last time I talked about the high dollar, I DO recognize the complications that a high dollar creates... but it also has the potential to create opportunites, such as in my sector.

(But, maybe could the dollar stay high untill I'm done my Christmas shopping, eh?)



  • At Tue Nov 06, 09:46:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said…

    And I'm left wondering when I should buy Yankee dollars for next summer's vacation...

  • At Wed Nov 07, 12:50:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Unknown said…

    The company I work for purchases equipment from the states but has 99% of its sales in Canada. A high dollar really helps us.

  • At Wed Nov 07, 01:20:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Try before the end of the day.

    It is Tuesday, Nov. 6 10:12 pm PST and the the Canadian dollar just crossed the $1.10 US mark

    This will hopefully help insulate Canadians against higher gas prices which may really start to hurt our neighbours to the south given the price of oil.

    American dollar de-valuation set-up for Amero?

  • At Wed Nov 07, 01:54:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just saw on article on Bloomberg which might explain a little with what's going on behind the dollar: China

  • At Wed Nov 07, 06:34:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    The situation in the States is part of the cause. Also high oil prices.

    Not all good news for Canadian investors unless you have hedge funds.

  • At Fri Nov 09, 11:05:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Luke Coughey said…

    I see the strong dollar as a great opportunity to get our doctors back. In fact, we have lost many trained professionals to the US and they might just be drawn back with higher salaries, a better dollar and free health care.


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