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Friday, November 09, 2007

Poll on Global National

UPDATE III: It's a real shame when you have to repeatedly tell people the same thing more than once... Though I already appologized for the post, recognizing that due to the subject matter, it was perhaps in poor taste, people keep on wanting to beat a dead horse. Folks, read the whole thing, including the updates, and then relax. Comments will remain closed because people, instead of being interested in honest discussion, just want to vent and attack... sorry, I'm just not into that. When I screw up, I'll take my lumps and correct the error, but I won't put up with people attacking The Faith just because I'm a fellow flawed human being. (end of update)

A poll has just gone up over at Global National, asking, "Do you agree with the Conservative Government's new hands-off policy on death-row prisoners?"

Presently, 79% are in favour. Remember... vote early, and vote often! I've got three machines fired up here at home!

Wow... actually, word must be out already... I'm watching the poll, and refreshing the page... and watching the "In favour" numbers increase by about 0.2% every time I hit refresh. Actually, I refreshed it one time, and it went down by 0.03%... then the next time, back up another 0.2%. Must have been one "Not in favour" voter...

UPDATE: Seems I've rubbed some people the wrong way with this post... allow me to clarify.

I wasn't seeking to make a statement for or against the death penalty... though I do generally support it, under severe restrictions. What I was seeking to do was show support for our Government's decision NOT to intervene in the current situation. What I don't want is for Canadians to get the impression that they can break laws in other nations, and expect our Government to come to their aid when they have been justly tried, convicted, and sentenced, with all due process having been considered.

The current case in the US, as far as I'm aware, is an open and shut one. I don't believe that we should intervene just because he's a Canadian. If, however, there was any doubt about what occured, then I'd certainly support our intervention.

As for voting multiple times, that was just me joking around. I don't put any faith in online polls personally... please don't take things too seriously. For example, I like signing petitions under the name "Potted Plant", in reference to the suggestion of unusual votes in the Quebec PQ leadership race that Bosclair won the other year.

Granted, upon reflection, due to the subject matter at hand, I recognize that this post was perhaps in poor taste. To those who took offence, I appologize.

UPDATE II: It's a shame, I've never had to close my comments before... discussion is welcome folks, hate is not. Though I only got two really nasty ones, but thanks to them, I'm closing the comments until I think people are ready to behave again.