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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Totally cool story about moving

100% true story here, this is how I spent my day today...

So a buddy of mine weeks ago had asked my wife and I, along with the rest of our church, to help them move this weekend. Yes, the long weekend, on the holiday Monday no less. You REALLY have to hear this story, it's a good one!

Sure I said, not a problem... 1) because he's a friend and a brother, and 2) because you have to hear about this guy's life... he works full time (often involving overtime), has a wife and two very young kids, while working his way through weekend teachers college in Buffalo. He leaves on Friday midday after working pretty much a full day, and gets back Saturday evening. He is constantly tired, and this coming holiday Monday is going to be his only chance to move. My giving up a holiday Monday is a really easy thing to do for him.

BUT GET THIS... last week, his wife finds out that the moving truck he's rented is valid from Saturday thru Monday... so what does this loving wife do for her husband? She arranges for everybody to show up on Saturday morning, and move everything while he's in Buffalo attending classes!!! In advance she arranges for him to come by their new place, instead of going straight home... while avoiding giving anything away.

What does he see upon his arrival at their new house? An empty truck, and a fully furnished, almost totally unpacked home... with all the beds set up, furniture arranged, pictures on the wall, and a house full of friends and family, with nothing left for him to do... except kick back and relax for the rest of the long weekend! My wife and another guy even cut the lawn!

Now how cool is that?

And yes... this is a 100% true account of my day today, just in case you're wondering. Man, my church family totally rocks!



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