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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are Liberals behind Layton smear? My Two Cent Theory

Okay, before my "fans" start finger pointing and saying that the Layton smear-story was from us, I thought I'd insert some logic into the discussion, and list some of the MANY logical reasons why this story DIDN'T come from us.

1) It came via SunTVNews. That in and of itself should tip people off that it's NOT from us, because it's too close to home, as it were. Think about it... with many folks accusing SunTV of being nothing more than a Tory puppet, any "scandalous" story from them will AUTOMATICALLY be assumed to be from us. Therefore, we'd give something like this to ANYONE but SunTV, to mitigate any potential fallout.

2) It came via SunTVNews... why on earth would we give a "scoop" like this to SunTV, right after they bit us over the fake Ignatieff photos? Yea... once bitten, twice shy. We'd take it somewhere else.

3) I'd love for ANYONE to show me ANY kind of electoral math where this story even POTENTIALLY helps us... cause it doesn't. There is NO WAY WHATSOEVER where the Tories are helped by this story... NONE. The "values voters" are already ours, so we don't gain there. The story smacks of a smear job, and we're suspect because it came from SunTV... we get HURT, not helped.

4) There's ONLY ONE PARTY that could in any possible way be helped by this story... and that's the Liberal Party of Canada. The story smacks of a "Hail Mary Pass" to save the furniture... NOT something the guy in the lead pulls out of his hat. One of my friends had suggested that it helps the Bloc more, but I disagree, because I don't think they have the sources and contacts on the ground in Toronto to be able to dig something like this up.

5) Further to #4, if this does cause some folks to reconsider their new found support for the NDP, where will they go? That's right... BACK to the Liberals. Again, this story helps the Liberals, NOT the Tories... hence, it's not from us.

Other thoughts? You'll note I'm not posting a link to the story itself, as I'm not in favour of pushing it whatsoever... but I AM interested in finding out the motivations of whoever passed the story on to SunTVNews.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The landscape is shifting

And I'm not just talking about the political EARTHQUAKE in Quebec, where now THREE pollsters, CROP, EKOS, and Nanos all show the NDP in either first or second place... AHEAD of even the Bloc!

No, I'm talking about the reality on the ground in local ridings. An interesting and almost unheard of phenomenon is going on... there are Liberals in our campaign offices.

No, not spies... long-time Liberals, who are showing up one after another, taking signs, putting up signs, stuffing envelopes... WORKING for the local Tory candidate.

I was briefly in the Guelph campaign office of Marty Burke, another place where this is occurring. There seems to be two major factors driving it... dislike of Michael Ignatieff, and an extreme dislike of Frank Valeriote, the local MP. (even amongst his own extended family... the Italian vote isn't rock solid Liberal anymore!!!)

I've been hearing the same story from contacts in other ridings too... where traditional Liberal voters are "crossing the floor" to support us. And you know what the number TWO comment from them is? (with Michael Ignatieff being number ONE)

They quote Mr. Harper... "It's time for a MAJORITY."

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

FUNNY: Iggy's "Old Spice" Ad

LOL... I wish I could pull stuff like this off. A GREAT roast on Iggy that's been put out there, in parody of the "Old Spice Guy" ads!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


No question about it, Jack Layton had the line of the night with this barb he threw at Michael Ignatieff, over his lack of attendance in the House of Commons.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

And now we juxtapose: "Kissing Babies"



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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


WOW... just possibly THE BEST political ad I've ever seen!!! Way to go CPC!!!

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Micheal Ignatieff's Contempt of Parliament

In an ironic twist, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has today called on Prime Minister Harper to show contempt for Parliament!

Yes, you heard that correctly... Michael Ignatieff actually WANTS the Prime Minister to do something that would be in contempt of Parliament! First, Iggy falsely accuses the PM of acting in contempt, and with his Opposition allies forces an election over his false accusations. But today, he's flip-flopped on that position, and now wants Mr. Harper to directly interfere with a report from an independent Officer of Parliament, and usurp the prerogative of the House of Commons by making her report public before the House has had the opportunity to see it first.

Which is it, Mr. Ignatieff? You can't have it both ways... you can't falsely accuse him of contempt, and then actively encourage him to do something that would in fact BE an act of contempt. That's what we call "Hypo-Grit-cy".

The ironic thing is, if he hadn't forced this unnecessary election, the AG would today be issuing that report that Mr. Ignatieff so desperately wants to see...

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