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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Liberal/NDP Coalition via Facebook?

Okay, I got by far the weirdest "Recommended Pages" suggestion from Facebook today... Facebook suggested that since I "like" Jack Layton's page (which is no secret, I respect the guy) that I might want to consider "liking" Michael Ignatieff's fan page. Why? Here's precicely what it said...
You catch that?  "Many who like Jack Layton like him". Isn't that interesting... many of Jack Layton's fans are also Michael Ignatieff fans. So it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that NDP supporters are also Liberal supporters, would it not?

Of course, this little screen shot helps verify something that we've all know for a long time... that NDP supporters are also CBC supporters. I mean, it's not like NDPers would bother to listen if it wasn't left leaning...

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