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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kelly McParland's SCATHING opinion on Ignatieff's GAFFE

WOW, and you thought I was being harsh... the National Post's Kelly McParland has written the most scathing article to date on Ignatieff's latest GAFFE... and points out that this isn't an isolated incident for "the Arrogant Minded Professor".(TM)

Well folks, it looks like the wheels have fallen off the "Just Visiting Express" tour before Micheal Ignatieff has even boarded the bus.

h/t to Alberta Ardvark
Michael Ignatieff may not be the worst Leader of the Opposition in history — it’s a big field and there are lots of candidates — but he’s certainly in the running for most disappointing. [...]

The Liberal leader’s latest boneheaded move — comparing Stephen Harper to Satan — is more than just a stupid remark. It’s the umpteenth stupid remark, uttered just as he’s setting off on his umpteenth effort to remake his image and win over Canadians. The whole point of the Liberal bus tour, which set off today from Ottawa, was to expose voters to the real, informal, ordinary-guy Ignatieff in hopes they’d warm to him. “Hey look, our leader isn’t really the stiff-assed academic snob he appears to be in Ottawa — that’s all spin invented by the mainstream media and their corporate backers. Mike’s a nice guy when you get to know him! Really.”

So what’s he do? Before he even gets on the bus he heads off to Calgary — Calgary! — and informs everyone who voted for Harper (i.e. all of Alberta) that they’re such total dunderheads they cast their votes for the Prince of Darkness. Here he is in the heartland of Conservatism, Stephen Harper’s adopted home town, trying to lure just a few voters to his party, and the best tactic he can think of is to insult the entire province. What next: Head off to St. John’s and suggest that everyone who votes Tory is a dumb Newfie?

It’s hard to figure this guy. He’s made mistake after mistake after mistake. He signs the coalition pact, insists he’s on side, then repudiates the whole thing later. He stokes a phony election threat, insists he means it despite all common sense, then retreats in embarrassment when it falls flat. He raises issue after issue as a line in the sand, then does nothing when the Tories step over the line and kick sand in his face to boot. His own caucus ignores him, his supposed pal Bob Rae embarrasses him, he fires his advisers to get better advice, and then makes the same dumb mistakes under the new advisers.

He doesn’t seem to learn.

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  • At Tue. Jul. 13, 02:25:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Bec said…

    Yes, you can certainly hear the head scratching that was occuring as Kelly wrote this piece but I want to hear the head pounding on desks of Liberal supporters.This guy spent his entire time in Calgary, insulting Albertans. Why is that okay with them? Perhaps because it's in the Liberal DNA to insult and screw, Albertans.

    The only thing that they can do to show they get it is to send these clowns a message and obliterate this entire group.
    This angry, dysfunctional arrogance needs to have it's head cut off from the top, down.

  • At Tue. Jul. 13, 03:53:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What's the saying? Better the devil you know than the idiot from Harvard! I'm sure I misquoted that. Oh! well.


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