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Saturday, March 20, 2010

UofG's CSA takes CFS to court

It's FANTASTIC to see a student government who refuse to be bullied by the thugs who run the CFS.

Despite all the underhanded tactics that the CFS has tried to pull to quash a democratic vote, the University of Guelph's CSA has refused to back down, and has gone to court in order to ensure that their students have the right to vote on whether or not they remain a part of the CFS.

You might recall that I reported the other week that this referendum on the CFS at UofG is supported by the campus clubs of ALL MAJOR PARTIES. Once again, it's GREAT to see students working together for a common and worthwhile goal.

The CFS is in serious trouble... and they know it. There's a serious movement going on at Carleton, in the anti-CFS "We Want Out" campaign. They've also done a fantastic job of compiling a list of over 100 CFS related articles they could find, documenting all the antics of the CFS for everyone to see. Just give a read through a few of the articles, and I pretty much assure you that if you were pro-CFS before, you won't be after reading those articles.

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