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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will "BCer in Toronto" apologise to Guergis?

Liberal blogger "BCer in Toronto" decided to jump on the Guergius bashing bandwagon today. accusing her of lying about her education. (NOTE: To Jeff, I stand corrected. While other blog posts that refer to your post make that accusation, you did not yourself make that claim)

Apparently, the folks at "Eye on the Hill" have already debunked his rumour this story:...
Just in case Status of Women Minister Helena Guergis didn't have enough problems in the aftermath of her hissy fit at the airport in Prince Edward Island, folks in the Twittersphere and blogosphere are now questioning whether she really has that MBA degree that she touts on her website.

A quick call to the University of Alberta confirms that Ms. Guergis is indeed the proud possessor of an MBA degree from that august institution - Class of 2009.

Given that she was named to cabinet in October 2008, that's some pretty impressive multitasking.
Once again, we see a Liberal doing their "best" to try and destroy someone they don't agree with. I must say though, it's gratifying to see it blow up so beautifully in his face though. I wonder if it was someone at Liberal Party HQ who fed him this one, seeking a "third party" to get it out there?

Now, here's the big question though... will BCer do the right thing and apologise for his enormous "pile on" blunder?

UPDATE: Just thinking, this could even be just what the doctor ordered for Helena... you can bet that the Liberals are going to be a little more wary of continuing their baseless attacks on this poor woman after this drive-by smear job blew up. I'd LOVE to find out where he got his info from, and to see if we can trace it right back to Liberal HQ...

UPDATE II: A re-reading of his post clearly shows he did NOT accuse her of lying about her credentials. I do, however, still think it's pretty sad to see Liberals doing their best to destroy this woman. How low we have gone.



  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 03:13:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Brian Busby said…

    CC, with all due respect, I think you've been a bit hasty... and a touch sloppy.

    At no point in BCer in Toronto's blog does he accuse Ms Guergis of lying about her education, nor does he spread a rumour about same. On the contrary, he states quite clearly that her status as an MBA grad is "confirmed in her biography on her official Web site". Indeed, upon investigating the matter he concludes: "It would seem, therefore, that at some point between March of 2009 and October 2009, Guergis decided to once again pursue and complete her MBA studies. An impressive achievement, given her busy duties both as Member of Parliament for Simcoe-Grey, and as Minister of State for the Status of Women."

    Elizabeth Thompson may claim that "folks in the Twittersphere and blogosphere are now questioning whether she really has that MBA degree that she touts on her website", but BCer in Toronto is not amongst them.

    Again, with respect, an apology is in order... but not from BCer in Toronto.

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 03:38:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Jeff Jedras said…

    Please show we where I accused her of lying about her education. That's a serious accusation, so I trust you'll back up that accusation.

    After all, you're so opposed to false accusations. So I trust you have firm evidence to back up yours.

    So please point to where in my post I made that accusation. I'll keep an eye in the comments here, or feel free to respond over at my blog as well.

    I'll wait.

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 03:54:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Jeff, I stand corrected. While other stories about your post seem to imply that you made such an accusation, a closer reading reveals that you yourself did no such thing.

    I apologise.

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 03:55:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Not an MBA!

    Just visiting the University!

    Hey, this "drive-by smear job" stuff is fun.

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 03:58:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger wilson said…

    Oh come on Jeff, you couldn't wait to bang away at your keyboard and do your part to spread more unresearched bs.

    Kick a gal when she's down,
    it feels soooooooo good eh.
    Wasn't it you who put up some beauty pagent smear video too?

    Don't you apologize tho,
    you are no better than the rest, and they don't apologize, why should you!

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 04:28:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Bec said…

    That was very big of you CC to apologise however I also read the blog this morning and I felt that I was interpreting a suggestion that the Minister had neglected some facts about her education.So you were not the only one left with that impression.
    My other question would be if that wasn't the intent, why the post in the first place?

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 04:30:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger wilson said…

    Fellow Liblogger is all excited about jeff's role in smearing Helena:

    bigcitylib posts:

    Will Jeff Jedras bring down a Cabinet Minister?

    If so, I'm going to be very jealous. I've been trying to do that for ages.

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 04:44:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger said…

    The irony of this post is overwhelming.

  • At Tue. Mar. 16, 10:17:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger The_Iceman said…

    If she resigns from cabinet, it won't be "Jeff Jedras" who took her down. She will have taken herself down.

  • At Wed. Mar. 17, 02:42:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    why are we not seeing the airport video?
    just asking


  • At Thu. Mar. 18, 03:29:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Top Can Inc. said…

    I think a more serious issue is the fact that this woman managed to force an airplane to let her aboard even after its doors have closed. She was banging on the door at the airport for them to let her in. If a normal person did that, to quote the "great Kory T", he or she would have been arrested or tasered.

    We should be more concerned about this threat to airport security than whether she completed an MBA on government expense.


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