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Monday, March 15, 2010

Prorogue EXTENDED by Ignatieff for 29 MP's

In perhaps the most ironic political twist of the year, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (despite his demands that MP's be allowed back in the House to "get back to work" during the prorogue) has ORDERED 29 of his Liberal MP's to SKIP WORK INSTEAD, and extend their prorogation by skipping out on any Budget related votes.

UPDATE: Wow, looks like Iffy himself is gonna be skipping out for a few days... remind me again why he wanted back into the House so badly?

Ironic, since he said back when he took over (literally) the Party from Stephane Dion, stating that the Liberals were "done sitting on our hands". (h/t to Alberta Advark for finding this video, see the 1:08 mark) Looks like he's taken a page from the "Not a Leader" playbook, and is ordering 29 of his MP's to sit on their hands by NOT showing up for work.

Even more interesting though, since he had quite the OPPOSITE opinions about "getting to work" on videos like this one here, where he tells reporters at the 0:40 mark, "What I like doing right now is opening the doors of Parliament, continuing to work even if other parties aren't, do our job one step at a time"

Or how about this one, where he says at the 1:59 mark, "and you're here to say, to everyone who has the good fortune to work up there, GET BACK TO WORK!"

Now that he's decided to EXTEND the Prorogue for 29 of his MP's, what's he got to say for himself now?

You might also find the anti-prorogue statments of some of those 29 MP's quite enlightening, now that they've done a 180 degree about face when it comes to "showing up for work", like they accused the Conservatives of not doing back in January.

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