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Friday, March 05, 2010

Iffy channels Dion through RMR - "We're STILL backing down... and STILL loving it!"

Rick Mercer... his comedy is timeless. Either that, or the Liberals are just as pathetic under their new leader as they were their old one!

Seriously, listen to Rick's speech at the podium...

Now a comparison and contrast between Rick's speech and Iffy's comments yesterday...

Iffy - "This is not a budget that looks ahead to the challenges of our times – and it’s not a budget we can support."

Rick - "The new Conservative Budget is wrong for the economy. It is wrong for Canada. And that is why we as Liberals are left with no choice... BUT TO LET IT PASS!"

Iffy - "We will vote against it, but we’re not going to cause an election. Since Canadians don’t want an election and it’s not in the national interest, we’ll register our opposition responsibly."

Rick - "Hey, if we shoot down this Budget, there's an election... AND WE CAN'T WIN AN ELECTION. We're not even CLOSE to being able to WIN AN ELECTION. That's why we're backing down... AND LOVING IT!"

Man, every single line of the song is as relevant today as it was two years ago! Even the line that goes, "No one can understand our leader speak"!!! Seriously, does anyone understand a thing that comes out of Iffy's (aka - the Arrogant Minded Professor) mouth?

h/t to Wilson for bringing this video back from days gone by.

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