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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Liberal attack backfires once again

So, the Liberals want to raise the issue of political donations and appointments, eh? Well, try this one on for size guys.

The article in question gives several examples of people who donated, who then subsequently received judicial appointments. The "big spender" on the list is Yves Poirier, who gave a whopping $1,100 in 2008. I submit to you that the eleven hundred bucks are only relevant for one reason... it serves only as a partial indicator of the guys ideology. Never mind the fact that he's a qualified lawyer and all. Naturally, you'd think that the government would be inclided to appoint judges who are more in line with the ideology of the government of the day, right? Goodness knows the Liberals did, with all the left-leaning judges they appointed. (including, I'll remind you, all the extremist judicial activists that keep getting reported in the news, with their ultra-light sentences for serious crimes... and it's because of these morons that we're forced to pass legislation to force them to give reasonable sentences. But I digress...)

So, if they want to compare apples to apples, let's take a good look at the Liberal's own record... how about the Senate? You see, when the Liberals are in power, you can even buy your very own Senate seat!

That's right, for a mere $12,844.60, you to can have your very own Liberal $enate $eat(TM)! Just ask Denni$ Daw$on... because that's how much he paid!

But what if you're a disgraced former Liberal Cabinet Minister? That's okay, the Liberals even have a discount rate for that! For the low low cost of $9,678.63, you can join the likes of Francai$ Fox, and take your place well deserved place in the "Honourable" Red Chamber!

So now... are you Liberals sure you want to try and keep this story going? Cause I'm sure we bloggers would be MORE than happy to keep on digging.

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