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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ignatieff extends Proroguation for 29 Liberal MP's

After yelling, screaming and shouting to be back in the House of Commons, to deal with and vote on "important issues", Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has personally extended the Prorogue for 29 of his Liberal MP's... more than a third of his entire caucus.

"It's the height of hypocrisy I tells ya," said Joe Canadian, who attended his local anti-prorogue rally. "They told us point blank, to our faces that they NEEDED to be back in the House of Commons to 'Hold Harper to account' and deal with important stuff like the economy. Then when Harper finally lets them back in and asks them to vote on the Budget, they don't even have the dignity bother to showing up."

The names of the MP's on Ignatieff's "Post-Prorogue Extended Vacation Tour" are:

Bagnell, Larry
Bennett, Carolyn
Bevilacqua, Maurizio
Byrne, Gerry
Cannis, John
Coderre, Denis
Cotler, Irwin
Dhalla, Ruby
Duncan, Kirsty
Eyking, Mark
Foote, Judy
Fry, Hedy
Garneau, Marc
Kania, Andrew J.
Karygiannis, Jim
LeBlanc, Dominic
MacAulay, Lawrence
Martin, Keith P.
McTeague, Dan
Murphy, Brian
Murphy, Shawn
Murray, Joyce
Pacetti, Massimo
Patry, Bernard
Regan, Geoff
Sgro, Judy
Silva, Mario
Russell, Todd
Trudeau, Justin

And now ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the Bonus Round!!! Let's take a look at some quotes from some of these MP's over the last while, shall we? (A mega hat tip goes to anyone who can find other killer hypocritical quotes... or even video footage of their rally speeches where they promise to show up for work)
Carolyn Bennett - "Many on the Hill today we saying that this will keep growing .... wait til the Olympics are over and the CONS are STILL not back to work" ("or til after the Throne Speech and Budget, at which time I'll be the one skipping work... ")

Twitter - lib Carolyn Bennett M.D. - "I am proud to be going to work on Jan25... and every day" ("except Budget Day, of course... "The Boss" wants me to cower in a corner that day instead")

Twitter - lib Hedy Fry - "Lib MPs back to work this week, notwithstanding Harper's lock out." ("But I'll won't be at work for the Budget vote, thanks to the Iffy "Avoid an Election at All Costs" lock out")

lib Hedy Fry - "Stephen Harper has shut down Parliament to avoid accountability, but running away from Canadians just wont work" ("but running away works GREAT to avoid getting thrown out of office in an election!")

lib Hedy Fry - Harper is closing down Parliament for the next 2 months in his desperate bid to hide from the Canadian people. What an insult to democracy!" ("But getting told by my leader to hide from Canadians by skipping the Budget vote to avoid an election, well that's just democracy inaction... err, I meant 'in action', sorry")

Ruby Dhalla - "As many of you know, the Prime Minister made a decision to shut down Parliament until March. However my Liberal colleagues and I have still been hard at work on your behalf." ("until the Budget comes up that is, cause I plan on bailing in order to keep my seat and my pension!")

Justin Trudeau (Twitter) - "Marching against prorogation in Mtl. You know it's a good day when even the Communist Party comes out for democracy." 23 January at 12:06 ("cause you know what fans my fam is of those commies...")

Justin Trudeau (Twitter) - "Back to Ottawa for two days of meetings about how best to serve Canadians when the Liberals get back to work on the Hill next week." 19 January at 08:50

Justin Trudeau (Twitter) - "Looking forward to getting back to work on the 25th, Steven Harper wont keep me from working hard in Ottawa for the people of Papineau." 08 January at 18:44 ("But Iffy will when he asks me to skip the Budget vote")

Dan McTeague
"We're going back to work on Monday with or without the government" ("err, scratch that I guess, cause I won't be there for the Budget vote")

Re: Anti-Spam Bill and Prorogue - "I was a little annoyed when I heard that Parliament was going to be prorogued" (but obviously not enough to bother showing up once the House was back in session)

Keith Martin (Twitter) - let us use todays demonstration as just the start of a citizens movement to take back Parliament with the MPs they have sent to serve them" 10:55 PM Jan 23rd via mobile web ("except, of course, for Budget Day... cause Iggy's gonna get us KILLED at the polls if we bring down the House")

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  • At Sun Mar 14, 08:12:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger CanadianSense said…

    Based on the work ethic from the Liberals, no one should notice if they take a trip to Montreal.

  • At Sun Mar 14, 09:13:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger hunter said…

    We need to start targeting these Liberal no-shows and make sure they can't get up during question period without getting asked about their lack of democracy.

  • At Sun Mar 14, 09:28:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Hinchey's Store said…

    Nicely done! (I especially enjoyed the updated comments made by the Liberals. Oh wait, those were added by you, weren't they?)

    You will now be immortalized on Facebook @:

  • At Sun Mar 14, 10:03:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger wilson said…

    And Iffy is taking next week off to tour.....get back to work!

  • At Sun Mar 14, 11:05:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger The_Iceman said…

    Ignatieff will be proroguing himself from parliament all week while the legislature is in session. Evidently he could not have done his listener's tour 3 weeks ago when parliament was not in session. He had to wait until parliament was back to work before I decided to skip a week's worth of work.

    And Monday, the first day of his absence, is also the 2054th Anniversary of the murder of Julius Caesar by Brutus. No coincidence, I'm sure.


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