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Thursday, March 11, 2010

CFS - a $1.8 million dollar student funded renovation tab?

Was doing some searching online, and I stumbled across this... can anyone make heads or tails of this? It looks to me like a $1.8 MILLION dollar project that was put out to tender to renovate their Ottawa headquarters. What does it look like to you?

Of course this got me curious, and so I did a bit more digging. I found the CFS shown as a "satisfied customer" in a brochure for Cole & Associates, who I guess did a major reno for their spiffy HQ. Anyone know off hand what the tab (paid for with student funds, I'll remind you) for that little project was?

Proposing to spend $1.8 MILLION dollars of student money on renovations to their HQ is a big deal in my books... especially when there's a whole lot of dissatisfaction with their organization, and several schools who want out.

Maybe that's why they're so desperate to stifle any form of dissent as soon as it rears its head... because looks like they need to keep picking the pockets of Canadian students in order to keep up with their "entitlements".



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