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Friday, March 19, 2010

Paul Wells - "Harper's Hard Right Turn"

While I absolutely DESPISE the title, (pretty sure they picked it just to boost sales, and it'll work) I think Paul Wells has written perhaps THE BEST ARTICLE I'VE READ IN AGES regarding the political realignment that's occuring in Canadian politics. Give it a read... NOW.

So based on that article, here's a message to all the fiscally conservative "nervous nellies" that I've seen recently, bemoaning Harper's seemingly non-fiscally-conservative moves, and to those who've been taking pot-shots at the "So Cons"... have patience. This article sums up what I've been trying to say for a while, but haven't been able to find the words. We're NOT trying to foist our views on people... we're trying, just like you, to make a better country FOR EVERYONE.

Harper is pulling Canadian politics back to where the PEOPLE are, slowly, one step at a time. THAT'S why we're winning... because we're winning the "hearts and minds" of Canadians by showing them a vision for Canada that's more in line with their own way of thinking. We're working together as Conservatives for the benefit of those Canadians "who work hard, pay our taxes, and play by the rules". (And of course, I might add, to make sure we help those who can't help themselves... kinda sad that I have to make a special mention of that to all the lefties who think I'm "mean spirited" just because I'm a Conservative)

Yes, my dear Liberals, there always was a "hidden agenda", but it's not what you thought it was, and you've completely missed it by focusing on the little things. You see, we've been seeking to bring Canadian politics back into the mainstream, back into line with the thinking of the "average Canadian", and out of the hands of all the special interest groups that you've relied on for all these years. And we're forcing you further off to the left... which is helping more and more Canadians to realize that you DON'T speak for them anymore.

And guess what? We're succeeding. I think one of your own, Warren Kinsella, put it best, when speaking of Harper... "The longer he's Prime Minister, the longer he's Prime Minister."

UPDATE: I should also mention that it's a fairly timely article from Wells, considering some posts that have been on the Blogging Tories in the last few days. For the record, go easy on RightChick folks... I've seen some rather "Liberal-esque" insults thrown at her, and that's totally NOT COOL. She has SOME valid points, I encourage you to DISCUSS, rather than insult.

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