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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Newsboys "Born Again" hits stores June 8th!

WARNING - Blatantly religious post follows:

WOO HOO!!! Newsboys first album with new frontman Michael Tait, of dcTalk fame, hits store shelves on June 8th! They've realeased the title track for the album, entitled "Born Again"... give it a look and a listen below!

It looks like they're putting together an incredible works project too with the launch of this album... good on them! They filmed this new video on the Baja penninsula, an area hugely impoverished, and are seeking to put together a team to go down there and undertake a building project. Here's hoping this turns into a longer term effort that keeps working to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus to this needy region of the world... that's right on our doorstep.

It's very clearly got major influences from Michael, who's sound is the one I loved most from the good old dcTalk days. (Toby Mac's solo stuff is okay, but Kevin Max is just loony tunes, I never even bother with his far out there sounds) Yet it still retains something of the classic Newsboys influence, with their solid artistry and sound. With another new guy doing the bassline, it's obviously lost something, as I just LOVED Phil Joel's artistry on that front... though I wasn't a big fan of the hair! ;-) But there's still that same classic guitar work, and incredible drum talent that have helped solidify the Newsboys as a CCM icon for decades.

Looking forward to hearing more as June 8th approaches. I've loved Newsboys for years, and loved dcTalk when they were together, and stuck with Michael Tait during the Tait Band years... I'm looking forward to hearing what this merging of the classic and iconinc styles will end up sounding like!

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