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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Left trying to frep the CTV poll

Heads up everyone, the anti-Prorogue folks are telling all their supporters to frep the CTV poll about Harper's decision to extend the sitting days for Parliament. Let's make sure we keep things honest and even, eh?

Now there's irony for you... these folks get mad at Harper for cutting the number of days Parliament sits short... then they get mad at him for trying to make up for some of those lost days. Just proves that these characters are just "Harper Haters", despite their efforts to appear "non-partisan" and "pro-democracy".

Oh, and don't forget to join the group... Vote for Rod!

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  • At Thu. Feb. 04, 03:44:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Clearly, Harper is bereft of any real ideas, and is governing by polls.

    Time for these clowns to get back to work.

  • At Thu. Feb. 04, 04:02:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Hinchey's Store said…

    Clearly, Ignatieff is bereft of any real ideas, and wishes he could govern by polls.

    Time for these clowns to stop feigning indignation in front of the cameras and come up with some sort of counter-plan...


  • At Thu. Feb. 04, 10:30:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Powell lucas said…

    I would gladly register my opposition to these dimwits that are attempting to influence the poll through some leftist, socialist, retarded group circle jerk. Unfortunately, to respond to any of these polls you have to sign up as a member. The day I would give these Liberal propaganda outlets any information will be the same day I believe anything that spews out of the mouth of Al Gore. I wouldn't trust these clowns with the name of my neighbour's cat. Next thing you know I'd end up on some Liberal mailing list and I'd have to blow up the mail box.
    I like my computer. I get a lot of useful information from it. I wouldn't sully it by having the MSM cookies besmirch my CPUs and my HDs.

  • At Fri. Feb. 05, 12:22:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Anon1152 said…

    To Hinchey's store:
    One of the few things I pray for [and I'm an agnostic] is for politicians (Ignatieff included) to talk about real ideas... But if you wan't "clowns" to stop "feigning indignation"... there would be no politics or politicians.

    To CC:
    I have been thinking of what to say about your previous post (on abortion). I don't know what to say... yet. And when I am comfortable with what I might say... it will probably be too late and I won't bother. But I appreciate the sincerity of your convictions. And I consider myself "pro choice".

    But I digress.


    Do you think it was really about "days not spent in the legislature, full stop"?

  • At Fri. Feb. 05, 09:06:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hold on just one second.

    Everyone likes to discuss tactics, but we avoid the real issue.

    Who cares if Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament members are trying to win an online poll, or if Mr. Harper is trying to cancel spring breaks to have more sitting days.

    It was Mr. Harper and his ministers who suggested that more work can be done while parliament is NOT sitting. Doesn't this approach undercut his entire argument?

    I am a member of CAPP, and I want to state categorically that my issue is not with Conservatives. There are countless conservatives I have a great deal of respect for, although we disagree on matters of policy.

    Take Globe and Mail columnist Andrew Coyne. As a Conservative, his opinions have been in lock-step with those who are "anti-prorogation". He knows the damage this sort of political jostling does to our democracy. But he's hardly a "Harper Hater" as you suggest.

    If members of this movement are Harper Haters, it is because they hate what his cynical moves have done to our democracy.

    Thanks for listening.

  • At Fri. Feb. 05, 10:15:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Larry said…

    Actually, even when the polls are done in secrecy, they show an overwhelming majority of Canadians are opposed to Proroguement. After all, who can stomach MPs away from Parliament Hill while the rest of us have to return to work. Canadians find it galling that senior Ministers were found scaling Mount Kilimanjaro while Harper was shuffling his cabinet. One Conservative MP had the gall to write that he found that he could get closer to his constituents in Prince Albert on Jan 25th when parliament was originally to be sitting, from Disneyland. Just how closely can you monitor your constituents from Disneyland anyway? Is Anaheim in Alberta?

    It's funny that whenever they need to be in Ontario, the Conservative MPs show up in Ottawa. If that's the case, go back to work. Why is it that the Liberal government of BC can hold the games and still carry on a session of the legislature?

  • At Fri. Feb. 05, 10:23:00 a.m. EST, Blogger dije said…

    So Harper is to be commended for ignoring the will and orders of Parliament and attempts to hold his government accountable, again, because he wants to cancel two weeks holidays? Last time I checked, the Prime Minister answers to and serves at the will of Parliament, not the other way around.

    This is a desperate public relations move required after assuming Canadians are completely stupid and that Canada can be run as some banana republic.

    Successive governments reaching back two generations have trampled democracy in this country by obfuscating their actions and concentrating power in fewer and fewer positions. Harper has made large gains in creating unaccountable government and that is something people must refuse to cheerlead for.

    Harper's actions continue to go against the spirit of the constitution and the wishes of the people, as represented by their MPs in the House.

    He has become a contemptuous leader and is clearly wearing no clothes.

  • At Fri. Feb. 05, 11:22:00 a.m. EST, Blogger maryT said…

    Re climbing a mountain, where was Iggy when all this crap broke out, in France, Goodale was in Arizona and they were all on the scheduled Christmas break. How many of you spend your holidays in your office.
    Parliament was not scheduled to be back till Jan 25, and until then any MP could be where they wanted.
    It was the Bloc/coalition with the help of the media put out lies as to how long prorogation was. Without it, the MPs would not have been back in Ottawa till Jan 25.
    But, the harperphopes can't handle the truth.
    If the PM had called the House back earlier, there would have been the same outrage by all those bloc/coalition members and media, crying the PM was cancelling holidays in France, Arizona and scuba diving.


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