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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Someone trying to bury issues in Carleton's CUSA elections?

Some interesting, and somewhat disturbing, things going on in Carleton's CUSA Elections. Nick Bergamini, a candidate for CSUA President, was accused of operating a website that redirects to a CBC report on the fiasco that ensued with the CUSA in 2008.

If you recall, members of the CUSA voted almost unanimously to cut funding for cystic fibrosis research and treatment. Why? Because, in their words, cystic fibrosis "has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men".

Anyway, the CUSA Elections Office has charged anti-CFS candidate Nick Bergamini with an "Election Offence"... because, get this, and I quote, "The article [to which this third-party website redirects to] is supportive of your campaign". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

No, they're not kidding... read the letter for yourself...
Nicholas Bergamini

The Chief Electoral Officer has been alerted to the domain name “” which
links to a CBC Article dated November 25, 2009 entitled “Students drop Shinerama
fundraiser for illness targeting Caucasians” in which you are named and quoted.

This article has obviously been posted in an effort to reach students that mistakenly type in instead of going to the website. The article is supportive of your campaign and as such the Chief Electoral Officer deems it as a form of campaigning.

Even if you did not personally post the article or purchase the domain name, you are
responsible for ensuring your election campaign is done in a fair and respectful manner. Under the CUSA Electoral Code, as a candidate, you are responsible for your workers' actions concerning your campaign.
So let me get this straight... someone registers a domain name, forwards it to a CBC article that quotes Nick, and sheds him in a postive and rational light, AND HE GETS IN TROUBLE FOR IT?!?!?! If you're wondering why I tagged this article with "loony lefties", wonder no more.

It's OUTRAGEOUS for the CUSA Elections Office to hold a candidate responsible for actions over which they have absolutely no control. I mean, think about it... are they going to charge Nick responsible for THIS BLOG POST HERE? I've never met Nick, never even heard his name prior to today... but with this fiasco, I've already added him to my "Friends" list on Facebook!

Once again, there seem to be forces at work seeking to rig the outcome of the Carleton CUSA Elections. AND IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME. The winner of last years Presidental Election was actually denied his victory after the fact, and a second Presidential candiadacy was also rejected, leaving only the pro-CFS "establishment" candidate standing. Things that make you go humm... humm?

So I suppose there's a serious question we should be asking here, and I know I'm going to be doing some more digging on this front... just who was it that filed this allegation with the CUSA Elections Office? Was it someone from rival Alex Sirois' camp? Using the CUSA Election Office's standards for "evidence", I think we can safely assume that it was indeed someone from his camp.

Which then raises an even bigger question... just what is it someone's trying to hide? Are there members of the Sirois slate that were involved in the idiotic Cystic Fibrosis decision, and are now seeking to cover up their involvement? Well you guys just broke the Golden Rule of political scandal... "It's never the break in, it's always the COVER UP."

Of course, I guess I should give my apologies to Nick right now... as I'm sure he'll be getting another "Election Violation" notice for my blog post today.

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  • At Sun. Feb. 07, 12:50:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Incisor said…

    We need more attention from good bloggers like you regarding the deleterious state of affairs on Canadian campuses. If there's a particular conservative in need of help and support in Canada, it's the young (and primarily male) conservative student standing up to the ever-churning socialist machine in which he finds himself immersed.

    Thanks, and keep going! :-)

  • At Sun. Feb. 07, 05:01:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Pissedoff said…

    Are they just taking pointers from elections Canada or brushing up their resumes to join EC?

  • At Sun. Feb. 07, 02:18:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    all of you conservatives are the exact same... before you take nick bergaminis side, mabey you should get to know him a little better and you would see that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing


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