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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Heard today on the CBC Radio News

On the CBC News today, right after playing an audio news clip reporting the fall of Shanghai 60 years ago today, the CBC newsreader had the audacity to say the following...

"60 years ago today, the people of China ADOPTED COMMUNISM."

EXCUSE ME? ADOPTED COMMUNISM? Talk about taxpayer-funded revisionism... The Communists CONQURED China 60 years ago today. The general populous had little say in the matter, my dear CBC.


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  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 01:53:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Gary said…

    Abolish the CBC now! Fire the staff without severance. Sell the property. Make a constitutional amendment banning publicly funded broadcasting or news services.

  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 02:14:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Russ Campbell said…

    I agree totally. This is a shameful distortion of history. However, given the source, I'm not at all surprised--the CBC lost its integrity years ago.

  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 02:16:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I fear that I am not knowledgeable enough to respond as well as I should. But...

    Were the Maoists any less "people of China" than the KMT? You make it sound as if the Communists were aliens rather than Chinese themselves.

    My understanding was that there was a civil war of sorts. More or less put on hold during WWII to fight the Japanese. After the war... The Communists won, eventually. And had more support of "the people" than the alternative.

    Would you say that the American revolutionaries in the 18th century "conquered" the thirteen colonies?

    I seriously don't think that saying "the people of China adopted communist" makes the CBC a "leftist toronto centric broadcaster". My only problem with the statement is that I don't think that the Chinese regime can legitimately be called "Communist".

  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 02:38:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Gary:

    Does this mean you also condemn the government's advertisements?

    I'm thinking of the recent Globe ad Mail story saying that the government was spending 5 times as much on advertising about their stimulus (while also saying it's already 80% done) as they were on swine flu stuff.

  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 02:52:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Anon, I'm offended by the way they "sugar-coat" the story... fact of the matter is, the Communist armies FOUGHT to topple the Government and yes, they WON, however they did so at an enormous cost... many lives. Lives of innocents, and lives of those who did NOT want to "adopt" the Communists as their leaders.

    By using the word "adopt", it makes it sound like it was a democratic process... whichmaybe you could consider to be legitimate if you support the enforcement of democracy via the barrel of a gun.

    Then again, this is the Hugo Chavez and Che loving folks at the CBC we're talking about, so...

  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 03:18:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger rabbit said…

    And 80 years and one month ago, Poland adopted facism.

  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 04:36:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Martin said…

    But to suggest that communism was imposed on the Chinese people, might cause present day communists to feel umcomfortable.

  • At Thu. Oct. 01, 05:20:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I left the first anonymous comment above.

    I have not listened to the radio broadcast, so I can't comment on the amount of sugar involved in the story. I was responding only to the one sentence that offended you. One word really. And I did so without knowing the full context. (Sorry).

    I am against sugar coating any country's history. Including Canada's.

    That is exactly my point. You mean, I assume, to compare the Chinese "adoption" of communism to the Nazi invasion of Poland.

    That analogy fits with how I interpreted CC's original comment. But I think the analogy fails in one important way. The difference between the two cases is that Poland was invaded by a foreign power.

    The point I was trying to make above was that the Communists in China (who aren't Communists in the true meaning of the term) were Chinese. And that there was not exactly a democratic system beforehand that was destroyed. And that it is possible that the Communists had more support from the people than the KMT.

    Which brings up another thing about the analogy with Poland. How long did fascism in Poland last? (granted, Poland was not the only country involved in rejecting a form of government imposed/imposing upon them at the time). But still, the fact that they have remained in power for 60 years says something. Especially given the economic growth/activity in China, based largely on the work of the Chinese people (rather than, say, simple resource extraction).

  • At Fri. Oct. 02, 09:45:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I listen to The Current pretty much every day, and every story (and news story) I've heard has cast a critical light on this 60th anniversary.

    I'm afraid this is par for the course on your blog, but you would do well to present a more complete rendering of events, instead of one-sided headlines.


  • At Fri. Oct. 02, 10:16:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Well then I'm VERY glad to hear that Dirk.

    However, I was just reporting what I'd heard during the 1:00PM newscast, which was the only one I had the chance to catch. (as I was in the car at that time)


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