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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ouch... Iggy following in Day's footsteps?

This is a pretty spot on, and damaging, article for Michael Ignatieff. Martin isn't comparing his leadership to Dion's... he compares it to Stockwell Day's.

The headline has got to sting too... taking a shot at him with his own slogan.
How Michael Ignatieff can do better
By Don Martin, Calgary Herald
October 1, 2009

When a party leadership begins, in the words of a former top Conservative, "to circle the toilet bowl," it takes aggressive, imaginative moves to reverse the flow and stay above the, um, water.

Welcome to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's death-spiralling world, which suddenly seems to be following the script written in 2002 by fledgling Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day as party unity collapsed and disgruntled MPs muttered darkly about a mutiny.

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