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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red-Green Show alive and well in Guelph

Elizabeth May has ruled out Guelph as a riding to run in for the next election, thus ensuring that they don't take out the sitting Liberal MP. Looks like the "deal" between the Liberals and the Green Party is still alive and well.

Any expert will tell you that of all ridings in the country, Guelph was the only one where Elizabeth May stood a chance of taking a seat. (Scott Tribe and CalgaryGrit, for example) But for the Greens, it looks like the cost of getting their leader to Parliament was just too high. You see, running in Guelph would have meant taking out Liberal MP Frank Valeriote... a price they apparently aren't willing to pay.

When you have Greens actively seeking to protect Liberal MP's, you know something stinks. You've got to ask yourself, are they really looking for a seat?

Of course, there's a lot more to the story than meets the eye. You see, the Greens in Guelph are still really bitter with Elizabeth May, as many of them hold her directly responsible for their loss last year with her last minute call for strategic voting.

According to a Guelph Mercury article yesterday (sorry, they've now stuck it behind a firewall, if anyone can track that down I'd be greatful... an editorial today alludes to it though), the local Greens basicly told her to shove off, telling her that they'd prefer to run a "local candidate". Anyone who's spent time in Guelph, as I have, knows that there's no way the Greens can win without the "star power" of someone like their leader, it's just that simple. They had a phenominal candidate in Mike Nagy, who built up their vote totals over the last three elections, and there's simply no way they can pull that off again now that he's vowed not to run. They do also have a stellar candidate on the provincial level with Ben Polley, but again, having never run nationally before, he's a longshot at best.

Which brings me back to my basic point... the only reason that the local Green organization took a pass on Elizabeth May is because they know that she'd win in Guelph, and they don't want her to win. Rumour is that if Lizzy doesn't get a seat this time, she's gone, and one name that has come up for their next leader is their former Environment Critic... who is none other than Mike Nagy, Guelph's own former Green Party candidate. The feeling is that with the national profile he built up during last year's by-election, he'd be a potential front-runner in any leadership campaign. Also by "walking away" for this election cycle, when Elizabeth loses and moves on, he can basically relaunch his political career with a comeback to "save the Party", then having a legitimate shot at winning in his own home riding of Guelph.

That's my take on the situation, anyway. Comments are always welcome.

Looks like I'm back!

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  • At Wed Aug 19, 10:46:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mike Nagy would be an excellent leader of the Green Party. He debates the real issues on the environment, and is proposing solutions that would not run business to the ground. Similar in right-of-center opinion as former leader Jim Harris, and attemped leader David Cherneshenko.

    If the Greens were serious in winning a seat, Elizabeth May, should have resigned, and elect Nagy as the leader. As he performed the best in the country for his party by winning 21% of the vote at 12,454, 6000 votes less than Liberal Valeriote, which is not a large speed to close. At least if elected Nagy would present practical ideas, than the enviro-maxist version that May presents.

    I hope May is excluded from the debates this time, since they have no seat.

  • At Wed Aug 19, 11:21:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Surprising that the Greens would not attack Valeriote. He is such a failure as an MP. The only policy he has brought forward in Parliament was the car scrappage program, and he was constantly whininig that California has one, so why can't we? Now, CA has been bankrupted by the program, and the US Federal one is a joke. Let's face it, how many university students buy new cars??? Frank has no idea what is important to college and university students, but that's not suprising for a guy who came in dead last at the University of Guelph polls in the last election.

    Taking out Valeriote would be a cinch in the next election, and the Green Party's reluctance to do so seems to confirm what you've written.

  • At Wed Aug 19, 12:04:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Morgan said…

    I thought the NDP passed a resolution at their convention to do a merger of sorts with the Green Party - where they strategically run candidates for the NDp (no Green) in strong NDP ridings and the vice versa for the Greens.
    That would mean that neither party would run in all ridings but that the Green/NDP's would take on the Liberals and Conservatives by not splitting the radical left vote.

    Do I have that right?


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