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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WestJest listens... but doesn't help me!

Well, how's that for timing... just a week after I rant about it, WestJet today introduces their 24 Hour "Care-antee", where they offer exactly what I was asking for... a free 24-hour price/change guarantee. (so it's obvious that I'm not the only one complaining about their old policy)

But guess what... it's only available to people who book their flights as of TODAY.

That's great guys, but it really SUCKS that you bring it out now. I've even got the evidence that I called within 24 hours... the confirmation e-mail for my flight arrived in my inbox on April 15th at 9:46am, and I have the name of the agent I spoke to at the call centre less than 24 hours later. (and your records will establish those facts)

So it's the right policy, but this doesn't help be whatsoever! They offered the lower price on the same flight, and on an earlier flight that I also wanted to switch to, but because they introduced this guarantee a week late, I can't do either!

Come on guys... just let me take the 9:00am flight for $20 less!

h/t to commenter Erik for alerting me to WestJet's new "Care-antee"

UPDATE: So, someone over at WestJet spent about 45 minutes pouring over my blog today, but as of yet, I've still not heard a peep from them. I've also got something rather interesting stats in regards to who's visiting and leaving comments, but I'm holding off posting any of that for the moment... would like to give all the players a chance to deal with this amicably first. Hey, I know... I'll give them a 24 hour guarantee!


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