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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After three phone calls, and a couple of annoyed blog posts, the folks at WestJet have agreed to one of my two requests... they allowed me to move to the earlier flight under their new 24 hour booking "Care-antee", as they could clearly see that I did indeed attempt to change the flight within the 24 hour window.

As for the second request, the lower priced fare? I think I'll live.

As I said earlier in the day, I think WestJet has made the right move with their new 24 Hour "Care-antee". Lots of folks will likely be more encouraged to go ahead and make that booking, knowing that if the price drops within a day, they can get back the difference. I think a day is reasonable, more than that, well, is a little beyond their control. But there won't be that same fretting by their customers of "Well, do I book now and make sure I get the flight, or do I wait and see what deals they have tomorrow?" It's called "Customer Service", and once again, it's a good move by WestJet.

Thanks again guys. Ottawa, here I come!


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