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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Liberal knew about Guelph OPIRG scandal?

More cracks have appeared in the OPIRG scandal in Guelph. But this time, the name of a well known Liberal blogger has been connected to this fiasco.

In all fairness, I'm giving the Liberal blogger in question the benefit of the doubt... people send me junk all the time, and I just delete it. Who knows, they might wholeheartedly disagree with the tactics of the left in rigging the OPIRG vote in Guelph last week. But of this there's no doubt... a well known Liberal blogger was included in the distribution list of the following e-mail, in advance of the OPIRG vote last week. It has been forwarded to me via my sources by another individual who disagrees with what went on during the OPIRG elections... again, another leak from within, from someone who's standing up for democracy.

To the Liberal blogger in question... as you can see by looking at your own e-mail, your name is clearly listed in the e-mail posted below... you know I know who you are. In the spirit of co-operation and in a desire to get to the truth, I'm choosing to keep that information to myself. At this point, I am going on the assumption that you were simply the unwilling recipient of the e-mail in question. I would certainly appreciate your insight as to just what went on in this OPIRG election. A non-partisan venture, if you will. You know how to reach me. I would appreciate your help in tracking down just who the anonymous sender is, and what the results of this e-mail were.

But the bottom line is folks, something really smells here... with a budget of over $260,000+ involved, the folks on the left PANICED when they realized that several Conservatives were going to end up on the Board. From what I've been able to piece together, based on the number of candidates who registered prior to the original deadline, it would appear that at least ONE, if not more of them, were going to end up on the Board of Directors of Guelph's OPIRG. However, due to the extra time afforded them by extending the nomination deadline, they were able to marshal their forces and ensure that all five Conservative candidates were blocked.

My question... of the "winning" candidates, how many of them had applied PRIOR to the original nomination deadline? If none of them... then the OPIRG has some serious explaining to do.

The following e-mail was sent by an anonymous sending to a large list of students at the U of G... Because who knows, it might even be one of the winning OPIRG candidates themselves...
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "V-Day Guelph"
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 7:55:28 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: OPIRG Elections this TUESDAY - VOTE to keep OPIRG alive!!!


OPIRG Voting at 1 Trent Lane from 11am to 4pm Tuesday, March 31st. (Behind Creelman)

The Conservative nominees are bringing in a BUSLOAD OF 70 CONSERVATIVE YOUTH FROM WATERLOO to vote for the Conservative nominees... (FACT - no such "busload" had been arranged, nor even planned... campaigning using "Fear & Smear" tactics, as ususal)

We need ALL THE VOTERS WE CAN GET who are committed to environmental action and social justice and who understand that OPIRG works hard to contribute to these causes.

VOTE on TUESDAY for people who are dedicated to OPIRG's positive work (see names below)... VOTE for OPIRG's CONTINUED PRESENCE ON CAMPUS!!!

If you're unaware of the OPIRG shut-down by Conservatives in Waterloo and what's brewing in Guelph... read on!!! (MYTH DEBUNKING - who ever said ANYTHING about shutting them seeking to shut them down? Their entire campaign has been focused on accountability and value for money... nothing more, nothing less)

(NOTE - Now the following is the interesting part... this text was lifted from the "pro" OPIRG group's Facebook page...)

After a time of initial shock at the sudden interest of Guelph's Conservative Party in OPIRG, the Guelph campus will now experience one of the most controversial elections of the year: over 200 people will likely visit OPIRG this Tuesday, March 31st to vote for the new OPIRG Board.

Eight activists are running, and it's obvious they're serious about winning: Four of them are committed advocates in Guelph's social and environmental justice movements: Ashley Lowenthal, Dominica McPherson, Abigail Wilson and Sara White, among them presenting an array of grassroots work for social and environmental change. The other four activists are Conservatives, running with an organized group of 70 on-campus members; these four are Trent Blanchette, Michael Sona, Ryan Monkman, and Shaun Zanin, among them presenting an impressive dedication to politics and legal volunteerism.

This high-stakes election will depend on whether the hundreds of students who oppose Conservative takeover of OPIRG act on their beliefs and vote next Tuesday, the 31st.

What are the stakes? OPIRG manages $258,000 of grants and student fees to enable social and environmental initiatives on campus that subvert oppressive barriers. OPIRG is the progenitor of many crucial organizations on campus, including Guelph Students for Environmental Change, and hosts dozens of workshops, speakers and new volunteer initiatives every year.

It's easy to see why the four Conservative youth are interested in running for this election - OPIRG would seem to oppose many of the Conservative party's policies. In fact, at a Conservative Youth meeting in February, conservative Campaign Manager Aaron Lee-Wudrick was recorded as saying that 'any Conservative youth that could take over an OPIRG Board would be hailed as a hero in the Conservative party'. Young Waterloo conservatives have already attempted take overs twice in 2002 and 2005.

Despite these facts, caring must go beyond politics - we would be discriminatory to assume that all Conservatives are power hungry and want to destroy the PIRGs. It is possible that these young Conservatives have suddenly shown an impressive amount of commitment to OPIRG because they've realized oppression is real and want to take action for a just world.

OPIRG Voting at 1 Trent Lane from 11am to 4pm Tuesday, March 31st. (Behind Creelman)
There are several questions that arise from all of this...

1) Why was a well known Liberal blogger included in this e-mail? Does this individual support the unethical tactics used by the OPIRG to ensure that Conservative minded students are unable to participate in the decision making process for the OPIRG's $260,000+ budget?

2) If this individual does not support these tactics, will they do the right thing and take a stand in support of a free and fair democratic vote?

3) Will the OPIRG and the Administration of the University of Guelph conduct a serious and legitimate investigation of the decision making process behind why the nomination date for the OPIRG elections was extended?

4) Why did the OPIRG in Guelph extend the nomination deadline for all positions, when there were enough student candidates to fill the student positions? Why did they not simply extend the Community Member nominations? Was it to ensure that Conservative students were blocked from Board membership?

5) Who was involved in the decision to extend the deadline? My sources tell me that the decision may have been made "on the fly", outside of the regular channels... wouldn't such a decision require an official meeting of the OPIRG Guelph Board? If so, will they release the minutes of this meeting? (I mean, with a student funded $260,000 budget, they DO have to keep minutes of their meetings, don't they?)

Will we ever get to the bottom of what happened here? With a few of us bloggers digging deeper, in a non-partisan fashion, maybe... what say you my fellow blogger?

Oh, and by the way... the media would like some answers too...

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  • At Mon. Apr. 06, 08:09:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here is more:

    Tiny Tories plot campus takeovers
    POLITICS / Campus Conservatives seek to "defeat" progressive student groups
    Chris Jai Centeno / National / Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    The Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association (OPCCA) has been running workshops on university campuses in Ontario instructing members on how to infiltrate student unions and campus public interest research groups, according to documents released on on Mar 13. The leaked information includes audio recordings purportedly from a workshop held in Toronto in late January.

    "If it's possible if in one fell swoop to take over the board of directors [of OPIRG], I think that it would be pretty impressive and you'd be a hero to the Conservative movement if you can pull that off," says one voice in the recordings, identified in the web posting as Aaron Lee-Wudrick, former campaign manager for Conservative MP Peter Braid. Braid was the keynote speaker at the Feb 7 version of the workshop held in Waterloo. OPIRG, the Ontario Public Interest Research Group, is a social justice organization whose stated goals include opposing heterosexism.......

  • At Mon. Apr. 06, 10:45:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Ted said…

    I've read that email. It seems to me that it just encourages supporters to go out and vote and provides the reasons why.

    Where is there anything illegal or even unethical in that email? How is this "famous Liberal blogger" part of the conspiracy merely because he or she received this innocuous campaign email?
    How is it even related to allegedly unethical and discriminatory election practices?

    Seems like you have questions to answer yourself, CC.

  • At Mon. Apr. 06, 10:59:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Obviously you're going to have to familiarize yourself with the rest of the material related to this $260,000 scandal... the nomination date was changed, on the fly, which allowed for these folks to marshal their forces. This e-mail would have never been sent in the first place without the unethical tactics employed by the Guelph OPIRG.

    This e-mail is just another part of a larger conspiracy... is it related? Perhaps. Was the sended a party to the altered nomination date? Unknown. It's possible that the connected Liberal blogger could help us shed some light on the matter.

  • At Mon. Apr. 06, 01:25:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger ian said…

    I think the question that needs to be asked is "why was the deadline extended, when there appeared to be enough candidates to fill the open positions"?

  • At Tue. Apr. 07, 02:13:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Gotta love the idiocy of the folks on the Left. For starters, the first posted comment (Anon @ 8:09) was recently debunked by Maclean's Magazine.

    Secondly, a BUSLOAD of 70 students? I guess no one got the memo that you have to have a UoG student card (or have a Guelph community membership) to vote in the GUELPH elections!

  • At Tue. Apr. 07, 07:56:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    You've got it Anon@2:13AM... they'll go to ANY lengths, lies and rumours, or just unethically moving the nomination deadline, to ensure that only their folks win.


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