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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"Free and Fair" OPIRG-Guelph Elections? HA!!!

Humm, I guess to the leftists at the UofG, "Free and Fair" must be code for "Conservative Free" and "Fairly Well Rigged", cause that's what I've been hearing from my sources there all week long! And I've even got "art" this time, exposing the OPIRG's clear bias, and revealing their complete ignorance of the very concept of "Free and Fair" elections! (I'm thinking more like "Fraud and FAIL" elections... seriously, don't ever let any of these folks sign up to be election monitors for the Carter Center!)

You'll recall, several Conservative-leaning students sought the nomination for the OPIRG's Guelph chapter. Anyway, since they didn't have enough left-leaning students on the ballot to stop one or two of these young Tories from getting on the Board, they changed the nomination rules after the fact, using the excuse that they didn't have enough community members to fill the Community Member positions. So they extended the nomination deadline for all their positions, AFTER it had passed. Of course, had they been honest about the whole thing, they could have just extended the nomination period for the Community Members. But no, since we know that their endgame was to block anyone who's Conservative minded from getting on the Board, that was just an excuse. So anyway, in the intervening two weeks, they've managed to recruit 14, I kid you not, 14 left leaning students to run for their elections today. A question... where were all you kids before? And you're telling me this WASN'T rigged?

So naturally, these four kids got killed at the ballot box, thanks to a two week long campaign of typical leftist "Fear & Smear" tactics.

Of course, you're likely asking yourself, "What proof does this guy have that this was rigged?" That's a good question... how about so that "art" for you? (NOTE: credit goes to Greg Taillon [SP of name corrected] for the photos, channeled to me via a source... just making sure he gets his due if these get picked up by other media...)

First of all, I present to you the inside of the OPIRG office on voting day... so you've lined up to go and vote, and what do we see? Oh, the OPIRG's bulletin board, which has a helpful reminder that today is voting day, along with a list of the candidates standing for election. How thoughtful of them to provide me with this information! (both on the right)

But what's this we see? There on the left, right next to the list of candidates? Oh my gosh, it seems there's a "Tory Takeover" afoot, I'm really glad someone warned my by posting that article here in the voting office!

Oh, what's that actually overlapping the list of candidates? Oh no, more warnings of a "Conservative Coup"! Wow, I'm really glad these folks here in the OPIRG office are looking out for my best interests, if they hadn't posted these warnings right here next to the lineup to vote, I might have voted for the wrong people!

Well, since the lineup is taking forever, would you care to sit down here in our office? How about something to read while you wait? Notice that someone, presumably someone from the "Sarah White" team, has already helpfully directed your attention to Page 7...

So you turn to Page 7. Doesn't this look familiar? Oh, that's right, that's the same article that was hanging right next to the list of candidates here in the OPIRG office! How helpful of whoever it was to remind me of who NOT to vote for!

This "Save the OPIRG" campaign was fully waged on Facebook too, a student contact got a screen capture, presumably before they take the group down to try and prevent it being used as evidence...

Then of course there's the eyewitness accounts I got e-mailed during the week... one of the "Save the OPIRG" kids actually came right up to one of my contacts, spreading rumours and telling bold-faced lies about what these "dastardly Conservatives" were trying to do. Not a single word about their clearly stated intentions... bringing some fiscal accountability to the $250,000+ budget of Guelph's OPIRG.

That's right folks, that's what this has been all about... the special interest groups on the far left looking out for their cash flow... nothing more. It's all about MONEY, and wanting to make sure the taps keep on flowing from the student body into their little pet projects.

So, as you can see, the fix was in all along. Of course, with the OPIRG refusing to explain why the nominations for all positions were extended, AFTER the filing deadline, instead of just the Community Member positions, we may never know their real intentions. According to reports, the OPIRG is now refusing to speak with even the media regarding this fiasco... and yes, the media have been looking into this folks. With a budget of over $250,000 involved, and elections seemingly being rigged in favour of those who want to keep things status quo, you better believe that this is not the end of this story.

And the info keeps coming in folks... it's no wonder that Cailey Campbell, Arden Hagedorn, Robyn Letson and Claire Whitehead freaked out when they heard that some "Conservatives" might get onto their precious OPIRG Board.

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  • At Wed. Apr. 01, 07:18:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Paul M said…

    Unbelievable! OPIRG-Guelph should be shut down immediately by the university.

  • At Thu. Apr. 02, 12:16:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What more can you expect from this group? Notice the George Galloway support banner on that wall by the "Tory Takeover" ad? That's the kind of people that run this circus!

  • At Wed. Apr. 15, 01:14:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It was an extension of the deadline which allowed the conservatives to nominate themselves in the first place.

    It was only after articles were published referring to a conservative coup that these losers (by around 300 votes) decided to stage their coup, as is evidenced by their complete lack of interest in opirg or its elections before the second deadline.

    It is common practice to extend election deadlines in such a small scale organization in order to garner as many applicants as possible.

    It should also be noted that the conservative slate of candidates were so unfamiliar with the organization and the requirements of the position they were nominating themselves for that their candidate profiles seemed tone deaf and irrelevant to many volunteers.

    Ryan Monkman did an excellent job outing himself as malicious and destructive through many entreaties to campus media to investigate the matter. Media reports have not vindicated his accusations after investigation because his accusations are ridiculous.

    How embarrassing for him!

  • At Wed. Apr. 15, 05:27:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This blog always gives me a good laugh, probably for the wrong reasons. Reading that you liked how windows "just worked", I find your views on faith and politics unsurprising as they also require very little thinking on your part.



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