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Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's CanCom content - Kate Beneteau

Okay, here's your "CanCom" content for today, courtesy of the CBC of all places! Kate Beneteau had one of her songs played on the CBC the other week, and her work is pretty amazing! (full story below)


So the other week, Sunday morning, the alarm goes off, and we usually doze for a bit before getting up and ready for church. Anyway, we had CBC Radio One on, as usual, and I heard this really amazing soundscape playing. I heard the name, and figured I should look up the artist sometime.

Anyway, finally got around to it, looked up the CBC show to see who it was that they had played that morning. Turns out her name is Kate Beneteau, and she's just a student! She's already put out an album of her soundscapes, which are amazing and just grow on you the more you listen to them. They'd played her best known one called "Crash" on the CBC that Sunday morning, which I love, which was used in a TV documentary in 2007. I've found I also really like her one entitled "Catch & Release", once it gets going that is, around the 1:00 mark. ("TCH", if I know you, I think you'll like that one too, along with "Peace of Mind" and "Future Tense")

Anyway, the reason I'm blogging on it is because as I had it playing at work, a co-worker of mine (a real lefty, we hardly agree on anything!) came into my office, and really wanted to know who/what it was I had playing. So I sent her the link, and figured hey, why not post it and let everyone else give her a listen? So here's my bit to promote an up and coming Canadian artist, Kate Beneteau!



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