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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Liberal "Green Shift" SNAFU...

(and for those wondering, I prefer to use the term "Fouled Up" in that little acronym...)

Loads of other bloggers have jumped on this one already, where it looks like the Federal Liberals may be in some trouble for trademark and/or copyright infringement for their use of the title "Green Shift" for their new carbon tax platform... because it's the name of an already well established Canadian company.

Just thought I'd add my two cents on the matter, and point out one more detail... the simple fact that the Liberal Party of Canada MUST have known that they were about to massively infringe on this company's name.  Just think about it for a second... why on earth wouldn't the Liberal Party, in announcing this massive new carbon tax plan, have registered the domain name,

I mean, come on guys... there's NO WAY that they didn't know they'd be stepping on these guys toes by using that as their plan's title.  There's NO WAY they didn't at least go and check to see if the domain name was available... when launching a new initiative, who DOESN'T check the domain availability?

Therefore... it stands to reason that the Liberal Party of Canada knew full well that they were shamelessly ripping the name "Green Shift" from this small Canadian company... and as such, they deserve to get their butts sued for it.

(that, and the fact that guys like me are looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the show...)

UPDATE: Looks like the first shot has been fired across the bow... from the CBC: "Toronto firm taking legal action to stop Liberal use of Green Shift"

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