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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dion's Carbon Tax WILL impact gasoline

Even a cursory glance at the numbers shows that the Liberals are indeed being a little "shifty" with their "tax shift". When they said that their plan would not impact the price at the pump, I think they knowingly told Canadians a bold-faced lie.

Where? Right in their own plan, on Page 29, in their own numbers:
ITEM - - UNIT - - Year 1 - Year 4
Diesel - - ยข/Litre - - 0.0 - - 7.0
Do you see what I see? Yep, you got it, a 7.0 cent per litre tax on diesel by Year 4 of the plan.

But you say, "Diesel is not gas!" Very true, but here's a very simple question for you... How do you think that your gasoline gets to the pump?

That's right, the 7.0 cent/litre carbon tax on diesel means that it's going to cost more to get the gas to your local gas station. And when the costs for the provider go up, who do you think will be forced to pay for that additional cost?

That's right... YOU WILL. And how will they pass on that higher cost? AT THE PUMPS.

So here's the question... did the Liberals deliberately try to hide that fact from Canadians, or did they simply not think this plan all the way through?

Let's face it... if I can clue into that shifty little "tax shift" this quickly, then either they trying to lie to you, or they're not smart enough to be running this country.

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  • At Thu Jun 19, 02:38:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It will make EVERYTHING more expensive. Well anything that gets transported that is, which is everything.

    Now, IF global warming has a human cause, then I think tax shifting may be a good idea actually.

    Implemented honestly and fairly. It should not be a funding mechanism for Liberal pet projects, which this will be if realized.

    Andrew Coyne had a good post on this on his Macleans blog...


  • At Thu Jun 19, 03:36:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Robert McClelland said…

    Don't forget the tax on electricity. A gas station's pumps, lights, etc. all run on electricity so the station's overhead will increase. The same is true at the refinery where the gas is produced. Refineries use massive amounts of electricity to turn oil into gasoline.

  • At Thu Jun 19, 06:42:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger wilson said…

    When Duffy asked dion the question you posed CC, Dion changed the subject.
    He also changed the subject when Duffy asked about how his Mom, a pensioner, could cut back when she had already, over the past ten years, enviro-lized her home.

    Dion WILL NOT answer the questions.
    Those who are already driving small cars, live in enviro sound homes, take the bus or car pool...etc are the big losers.
    That's right, the sinners get the carrot, the good guys get the stick.

    That's the same argument that the Bloc is making about PMSH using 2005 ghg levels as a starting point for the 18% mandatory reductions imposed on industry. Those industries that have cut their ghg prior to 2005 are the losers.

  • At Thu Jun 19, 06:44:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger said…

    Obviously they meant that there wouldn't be an increase in direct taxation at the pump.

    It's fine if you disagree with the plan, but to try to paint your political opponents as liars when they have done no such thing is reprehensible.

  • At Sun Jun 22, 10:18:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Livingsword said…

    The new Dion Deal on Diesel and gas is a poorly thought thru document. However I live in BC and have no problem with our July 1st carbon tax. Plus I have no problem with the price of fuel; if the Conservatives want to make a difference on the price of fuel they should cut the tax on the tax at the pump.

    The price of fuel is quite reasonable considering what it provides for society. It is nice to see the free market doing its magic and I hope the government plans no intervention except to continually monitor for collusion, allow continued R&D and guard and cultivate the environment like good stewards (an area in which they do need to improve).


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