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Friday, June 13, 2008

Guelph by-election imminent?

Put all these significant events together, and it could be the signal that the writ is about to be dropped in Guelph (and the other three vacant ridings)...

1) The NDP (not that they'd have the inside scoop, unless of course they've been tipped off?) will be sending five MP's to Guelph this evening for the Grand Opening of the Guelph NDP candidate Tom King's campaign office... MPs David Christopherson, Chris Charlton, Irene Mathyssen, Peggy Nash, and Paul Dewar. Here's my thoughts... with the newer rules on Election spending since the last election, why would you begin to incur writ period reportable expenses unless you're confident the writ is about to be dropped? (you now apparently have to claim your campaign office set-up expenses from the time you "open" your office... so the NDP are basically "punching the clock" on their campaign expenses as of this weekend)

2) The Conservatives in Guelph will be holding a fundraising BBQ for their candidate, Gloria Kovach, with another load of MP's, Senators, and Cabinet Ministers... John Baird (Environment), Diane Finley (Citizenship and Immigration), The Hon. Consiglio Di Nino (Senator for Ontario), Michael Chong, Gary Goodyear, Bev Shipley, Dave Van Kesteren, and Jeff Watson.

One thing to note though is the wording of their invite... "Meet special guests, including Ministers, Senators, MPs, and a few surprises". Just what does "surprises" entail? I've heard one thought on that one from a friend of mine... perhaps an "important person", who's maybe just arrived from a visit to the GG? (just total speculation folks, haven't heard anything concrete on that one... anyone know the PM's announced schedule for this weekend?)

3) This one may be the kicker though... I hear that there may be some yellow shirted interns showing up in Guelph this weekend to work the riding...

Stay tuned! Fortunately, I've got sources in all three of the major campaigns in Guelph, so I'm hearing bits and pieces of what's going on. Will fill you in as my sources confirmed or deny the info here.

UPDATE: The rumour is confirmed, some 40 (!!!) interns will be showing up in Guelph this weekend.

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  • At Fri Jun 13, 09:50:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Interesting. But what about Westmount -- hasn't that seat been empty much longer?

  • At Fri Jun 13, 02:43:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Swift said…

    As far as I know the rent before and after the actual writ period as well as regular utility bills outside the writ period are not counted toward the spending limit. The charges to set up phones or make alterations to the office are counted, no matter when they occur. There has been no change to this policy that I am aware of since the last election.


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