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Friday, June 06, 2008

The Globe misses the point

An interesting article in today's Globe & Mail, recommending that the best course of action for Mr. Harper regarding the Cadman lawsuit against the Liberals would be to simply drop it. In their view, the author thinks that Mr. Harper can get more mileage, and look better in the public's eye, by withdrawing his case, and slamming the Liberals on the issue in the House, not the courts.

However, the author misses one thing that makes the lawsuit far more important than public opinion... the bankrupting of the Liberal Party of Canada.

So far, we've managed to pressure them to give back $1.14 million dollars of the multiple millions they received from the Sponsorship Scandal. Their corporate funding has been cut off thanks to Mr. Chreiten, and their current fundrasing levels are dismal... with a couple million in leadership race debt still to be paid off.

This is just another Liberal provided opportunity for us to do what's in the best interest of the nation... riding it of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Now, I'm not saying we should get rid of Liberalism as a whole... just it's current and corrupt incarnation of it. I still think that this country would be best served by having the leftists in the Liberal Party form up with a more centre-left NDP (or newly merged entity), a solid but mid-sized and truly centrist party, and a solid centre-right party.

I personally think that would be much better for Canada... it would provide reasonable ebbs and flows in governing for all the various voices in Canada. It may even keep us in the realm of minority government for some time, but it would have the advantage of making the party in power work with the other parties to move their agenda forward. It may even lead to the rise of other smaller parties, like the Green Party, and allow them to finally get some seats, and allow for their supporters voices to finally be heard.

So you see, I'm not some partisan jerk... I just hate the Liberal Party, and how it stands in the way of real democratic progress in this nation.

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