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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today's Thoughts on Blogging

Well, today was an interesting day... folks on the left calling me partisan, folks on the right saying I'm too far to the left to be part of the Conservative Party (I think that's a first), and people trying to take me to task because I pointed out an error to them. All in all, it made for an interesting day, to say the least.

Days like this makes one think about why I blog. Today's responses did remind me that I do sometimes get distracted from my main goals, and when that happens, chaos often ensues.

So yesterday, when I found a broken URL for a candidate that I don't want to win, I thought I'd found something interesting and funny that I'd post. I'd said that I was going to post a website review this past weekend, and when I went to go and do it (by typing in a URL that I assumed would work), I stumbled onto something that made me smile. Unfortunately, when I come across something like that, I automatically think that other people will see it the way I do.

Of course, in the real world, it never happens quite the way I think it will. As such, the occasional blindside occurs, and naturally, I end up not being able to clearly articulate what my original intentions were in posting it in the first place.

Anyway, today was fun... at least in the context of reminding me to pick my battles a little more carefully. Thanks to all who had thoughts to share today, and for your continued help in making this blog what I intended it to be... a place where real ideas get discussed, and where real issues get raised.

In the meantime, my apologies to the folks over in Guelph, and folks on both sides of the political divide, who I may have annoyed. It wasn't meant to annoy anyone, just to take a quick and fun poke at the other guys.

Emphasis on the FUN part... I enjoy a good campaign, and I actually like spending time with "the other guys" in the thick of the fight. Chatting about what's going on, poking fun at each other, while having a cup of coffee together... I love having non-partisan get togethers, chatting up policy, and sharing stories from the campaign trail. Often, when I'm blogging, I take that perspective, and assume that others will too. Of course, it often isn't interpreted that way by all my readers.

It's like Carleton's Model Parliament back in January. I was with the Tory Party, with a half dozen members, the Dark Green Party was in power, and the Liberals were the Offical Opposition. I ended up starting the conversation with one of their members, which lead to full fledged merger talks, which eventually resulted in a vote of non-confidence in the Government, and a power sharing coalition Liberal-Tory government. It was a total blast... Liberal and Tories hanging out together, talking about areas where we have common goals and ideals, and in good humour, taking the occasional partisan shot at each other. THAT was a whole lot of fun, as was stated by folks on both sides. I've got a bunch of them on my Facebook now as a result of that weekend... and it offered a glimmer of non-partisan hope for the future here in Canada.

Hope that helps people understand where I was coming from today.


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